The world of business travel is changing and here at Clarity, we do things differently.

We recognise the shift from cost centric to traveller centric programmes and how advancements in technology are playing a huge part in that trend. We deliver the best of global solutions and local expertise to bring the heart of the business traveller and the mind of the travel manager together in a mutually beneficial programme.

Next month, the Business Travel Show 2019 will be taking place at Olympia Grand, London on the 20-21st February and we are pulling out all the stops from product presentations by our in-house experts to sharing our latest manifesto, Hearts & Minds.

We will be showcasing our award-nominated Management Information tool, Go2Insight as well as launching a brand NEW booking platform andour Clarity experts will be hosting presentations on our stand:

Wednesday 20th Feb 

  • Go2Book: 11:30am
  • Go2Track: 2:00pm
  • Go2Insight: 2:30pm

Thursday 21st Feb

  • Go2Book: 11:15am
  • Go2Track: 11:45am
  • Go2Insight: 12:15pm

And after the success of last year, we’re bringing back our travel inspired cocktail hour (or two) from 3pm on Wednesday 20th February, hosted by The Little Gin Company on our stand, B520.

To find out more and to arrange a meeting directly with us please click here. Alternatively you can book an appointment via the official hosted buyer process through the Business Travel Show Website.

We look forward to seeing you there! 

At the end of last month, we announced the launch of our new video series, Clarity Presents. Host Alexandra Kington welcomed Clarity CEO Pat McDonagh to discuss the new Heart & Minds manifesto, a challenge to the procurement community to take a more traveller centric approach. 
In Episode 2, we welcome Clarity's Product Development Manager, Will Murray to discuss the next topic in the Hearts & Minds season; the relationship between traveller and technology. 

How can technology help increase traveller satisfaction? 

Is technology making the traveller's life easier? 

Or is it just an additional cost for the business? 

Will and Alexandra consider all this and more as they delve into what new developments we can expect over the coming months. With the implementation of new GDPR rules earlier in the year and with personal privacy a hot news topic for 2018, they also examine how we tread the line between visibility and privacy when it comes to traveller tracking apps.

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Find out how brighter business travel can boost your bottom line.