After two days of demos, discussions and networking, the Business Travel Show is over. After the success of last year, we knew we had to pull out all the stops to make 2019 even bigger and brighter.

This year Clarity showcased not one, not two but three products with presentations being given on the stand at set times throughout the show.

Wednesday morning saw Director of Sales and Account Management Paul Casement and Head of Online Development Ruth Nicholls unveiling Clarity’s new booking platform, Go2Book on the stand, with visitors and press attending to get a first glimpse of our re-imagined online tool.

Later in the day Product Manager Will Murray, Head of Management and Information Darren Williams and Data Quality Manager Helen Mairs also hosted presentations of Go2Track and Go2Insight, allowing visitors the chance to observe the full Go2 suite of products and how they work together to improve the traveller, booker and company travel management experience.

Our team of experts were on hand throughout the day to discuss our manifesto, Hearts & Minds, which extended a challenge to the procurement community to take a traveller centric approach, shifting focus from the purely cost driven mentality of previous years. Over the last few months we’ve brought familiar industry faces, Clarity experts and suppliers in to our offices to discuss how businesses can truly capture hearts and minds, looking at areas such as sentiment & statistics, wellbeing & profit, freedom & security and much more.

If you didn’t get the opportunity to attend the show, you can still grab a copy of our manifesto by clicking here and of course our business development team are always available if you would like to discuss travel management services or book an appointment to see our demos.

Thank you again to everyone who took the time to meet us at the Business Travel Show and we look forward to sharing more news and updates over the next few weeks.


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After much anticipation, the Business Travel Show was the perfect setting for us to launch our new online travel booking tool. Speaking at the event, Head of Online Product Development, Ruth Nicholls said “This is not just a simple re-skin, this is a reimagining of the booking process. As a company we have always put the traveller at the heart of all we do and the new version of Go2Book lives and breathes this philosophy.”

The Clarity product development team held a series of workshops, both internally and externally to determine the business traveller’s needs when it comes to online booking tools. Rather than starting with the process of the travel management company, we placed the traveller at the core of the development and built the tool around them.

“We were aiming for the whole process to be slicker and quicker, drawing inspiration from leisure booking tools which are leading the way in online technology,” Ruth explains. “The new Go2Book learns your preferences, such as ticket type and class and then pre-sets them for you, making the whole process smoother and more personal.”

The theme of personalisation runs strongly throughout the new release which was built with NDC at the centre. Whereas other systems actively label NDC content, we’ve taken the bold move to simply showcase NDC as standard and focus on the end user’s requirements.

Clarity CEO, Pat McDonagh expands, “NDC is the hot topic in our industry at the moment, and many businesses are keen to showcase their capabilities to travel buyers. Our research showed us that the average business traveller doesn’t know, or care about NDC. They just want great content which is personal to them. So we’re giving them what they want – simple, rich content in a quick and efficient interface.”

This new and refreshing approach has seen the introduction of additional amenities content such as wi-fi and seat selection.

“For us, content is King. Yes, the new tool looks great, but it is the underpinning content which is key to its success. We’ve achieved the balance of a slick leisure look and feel, but with the business functionality our users have come to expect.” Pat McDonagh, CEO Clarity


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Do you prefer to book your travel online?
Or have a travel agent or booker take care of it all?
Do you think personalised travel using AI is a positive thing? 

The balance between human interaction and the use of technology is a tricky one and one that many industries are battling at the moment, including the world of business travel. As part of our Hearts & Minds campaign, we are keen to look at the relationship between Travellers & Technology and see how we can bring the two together to improve the traveller experience, without increasing the cost. 

Here at Clarity, our online booking tool Go2Book offers users access to the richest local and global content for air, rail, hotels and ancillary products. It provides total trip management configured to bespoke travel policy requirements, giving the traveller a seamless experience and the travel buyer visibility of the booking.

Implementing a self-serve booking tool is usually a cost-effective method for businesses. Automation and the need for online tools grows every day as travellers strive for efficiency and fast answers but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are willing to do away with old fashioned service. 

What about those trips which are not straight forward? Where the cheapest flight option involves a 22hr layover and delays employee productivity by a further two days which in turn ends up costing the business more money? Is our technology smart enough to tackle these situations right now? We’re making big strides with our use of data, but it doesn’t shy away from the fact that sometimes a human touch point is needed to fulfil a task to its highest potential. 

There are plenty of situations which may require immediate action, or special circumstances" airline strike action, weather related emergencies or even something as simple as road traffic delays impacting a full itinerary. Booking tools can solve these problems, but most travellers choose the reassurance of an experienced agent to help when they find themselves in what can become a stressful situation. 

There is no denying online booking is the way forward, but this has to be sustained alongside a quality network of business travel specialists. 
Having experienced travel agents with the awareness of company’s booking policies and travel patterns can be a real bonus for ensuring traveller satisfaction. It can also contribute towards marginal gains, as consultants can tap into their extensive knowledge to find the best possible route based on the desired outcome of the trip, rather than the cheapest option available. 

Technology is a crucial requirement for travellers in this day and age and travel management companies need to find that sweet spot to blend it in with just enough human interaction to keep the costs low whilst maintaining a high level of employee productivity and traveller satisfaction. 

If you would like to discuss or view a demo of the Clarity Go2Book online booking tool, get in touch: or call 0800 731 1627

Your employees are busy. Your managers are busy too. Neither has time amongst the jam-packed calendar of a typical working week to review the minute details of your travel and expense policy. Whether they’re just submitting expenses, or reviewing expense claims for others, they simply don’t have time to spare. 
If you’re still using a manual or paper-based system, the process is even more time-consuming. Even when expenses are submitted and approved, your finance team can be wasting valuable time processing piles of paper or manually updating various spreadsheets. 
As a result, inaccurate or exaggerated expenses can slip through. Without transparency, automation and digital cues to guide employees toward cost-effective and compliant choices, your budgets are at risk.

Inaccuracies are even more of a concern when it comes to claiming mileage.

For many businesses, mileage is the only expense category where you don’t need to provide documentation for reimbursement. If your business is one of them, employees could be claiming for more miles than they are entitled to. This is a real concern when you consider that mileage is one of the most common expense categories. That’s a lot of unnecessary spend that could be put to better use elsewhere. 
It’s not a pleasant experience for employees either. They need to remember every trip they made, when they made it, if roadworks were an issue, if they were transporting a fellow colleague… the list goes on and on. This takes time and can be a real drain on productivity when it comes to submitting a mileage claim.

So how can technology help?

A new bolt-on to the SAP Concur mobile app called Drive, helps to take the guesswork out of claiming mileage. Using GPS technology, and a few taps in the mobile app, employees can choose when to track mileage. This can be done automatically - by changing the settings to tell Drive when to track mileage, for example during your usual working hours - or when prompted. Then, this information can be sent straight into a Concur Expense claim. 
Using this technology can benefit both the employee and the manager. Employees can manage all their expenses, including mileage, from anywhere and at any time through the SAP Concur app and managers can review and approve claims more quickly to ensure employees aren’t out of pocket for long. A win-win for everyone.

Bringing traveller and technology together

Investing in expense and mileage technology bring with it many benefits, not just improving the efficiency of employees and managers:
• It’s much easier to document, report on and reimburse the actual distance driven• You can be confident that mileage reporting is accurate, to improve compliance and audit readiness• Expense reporting becomes standardised for business mileage, removing the guesswork• You can spend less time scrutinising expenses and more time growing your business
And, as all this data is captured in real-time, everyone can be confident they’re not over or under claiming. Ultimately, utilising the technology available takes the frustration and guesswork out of claiming mileage, a solution that keeps managers - and their employees - happy.

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