Number Crunching

How can small changes boost your bottom line?

A later train can mean more sleep and less expense

If travelling first class enables a high value employee to work whilst travelling, it can be worth more to the business.
Business / colleague
billing value £100ph
First class seat
(at £50 extra)
3 hours
undisturbed work
Cut back the connections 
Fewer connections means less downtime
Business/colleague billing value £100ph
London - Glasgow with 2 connections at £20 saving
40 minutes lost work time, £60
At Clarity, we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke service to our clients that fits their individual hotel travel requirements.

Clarity Rooms is our hotel programme aimed at negotiating rates that work for our clients and the way they travel, rather than a one size fits all approach. We’re infusing the heart of the business traveller with the mind of a procurement manager to create hotel booking solutions that truly adds value to your business.
Data analysis goes a long way to ensuring a business trip is successful - and safe.

From using crime figures in a proposed location, to comparing the cost of lost time driving vs the cost of a train ticket.
A/B test the A to B
In the same way online retailers test different versions of websites, try different travel options to see which are more productive and profitable.
Itinerary A
£350 at 4
hours travel
1 hour of connections
Itinerary B
£550 at 3
hours travel
0.5 hour of connections
Colleague time value and performance ?

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