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Clarity Travel Awarded Government Contract

Clarity Travel are delighted to announce they have been selected to provide business travel solutions under RM6217 Lot1 (UK Travel Booking Solutions) for the Crown Commercial Service framework. Since 2015 Clarity have been implementing and delivering business travel solutions to over 60 CCS Buyers, all with varying requirements, complexities, and level of spend. This award […]

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Is this the end of our Brighter Future as we know it?

Fortunately, we’re just referring to our final Clarity Studios feature #NotComingToACinemaNearYou!   All month we’ve been talking all things travel tech. We’ve asked questions around which tech advancements we may see in the future within the travel industry.  Essentially, we’ve learned that it’s not just about AI and (not) being replaced by bots, but the continuation of being backed by the brightest people in business travel, with the ability to combine state-of-the-art automation with exceptional customer […]

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Time to talk travel tech

Travel Management Companies have long presided over striking a balance between a “technology vs human” offering within the corporate business travel industry. In a world where there continues to be an ever-growing demand for the latest technological advancements to seemingly ‘enhance’ our experience, we caught up with Clarity CEO Pat McDonagh to gauge his thoughts […]

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Is the future bright for travel?

Global business travel organisation, Clarity, launches the final episode of the number one travel management podcast “Absolute Clarity”, by looking at the future of technology in travel. Following the launch of Clarity Studio's sixth and final feature film, Brighter Future, Clarity have dedicated the final episode of Absolute Clarity season five to discussing the future […]

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Brighter Tips for a return to Business Travel

Restrictions have taken their toll on our beloved industry in recent times, but as travel opens back up to the masses, we’ve compiled our Top Tips for a safe and stress-free business trip. As we know, “’s about the journey, not the destination..” so take a look at our handy video guide we’ve compiled and […]

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Has the world of events changed forever?

Has the world of events changed forever? This was one of the questions we put to our audience this past month to celebrate the launch of the latest Clarity Studio release, ‘The Brightest Showman’, not coming to a cinema near you. The Brightest Showman details the fall and rise of events coming out of a […]

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Chancellor announces new APD rates for 2023

The Chancellor today announced changes to APD to take effect from 2023. The highlights being the reduction in domestic APD and the introduction of an ultra long-haul level of APD for journeys over 5,500 miles. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s going to change anything other than the numbers on a treasury spreadsheet.  It doesn’t really […]

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We are pleased to introduce you to Destination Sport Experiences.

Destination Sport Experiences take athletes to participate in the best cycling, running and triathlon events across the world. They can guarantee participants entry into events and take care of all their travel needs, allowing the competitors to concentrate on their performance, rather than the logistics of travel. Today the anticipated 2022 Tour de France route was […]

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The Absolute Clarity Podcast Just Got Brighter!

Global business travel organisation, Clarity, launches the penultimate episode of the number one travel management podcast, Absolute Clarity season five, with an episode looking at the launch of their new event management brand, Brighter Events. Following the release of Clarity Studio's fifth feature film, The Brightest Showman, Clarity have dedicated the latest episode of Absolute Clarity to the […]

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