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Born in the USA (almost) | 308

Pour yourself a drink, get your headphones on, and let yourself relax to the ambient sounds of the number one travel management podcast, Absolute Clarity! On this week's episode, Kyle is joined in the studio by Lynda Wood Shepperd, Vice President of Managed Services at Yoh. Lynda spent the beginning of her career in the […]

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All things being equal | 307

It's only the latest episode of the number one travel management podcast, Absolute Clarity, and I'm going to let you in on a secret... This one is jam-packed! On this week's episode of the podcast, Kyle welcomes Alexandra Kington, Paul Mayo, and Neil Wainwright-Farrar into the studio to debate maternity and paternity leave and whether […]

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Autopsy of an acquisition | 306

Welcome to the latest episode of the number one travel management podcast, Absolute Clarity! On this episode of the podcast, we're performing an autopsy on Clarity's recent acquisition of Ian Allan Travel with Pat McDonagh, Pat O'Neill, and Jane Harrington. Get the true thoughts and feelings from those in the know on the latest big […]

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Behind the conference with ITM! | 305

Oh, hi, sorry I didn’t see you there. Come on in and put your feet up. You’re just in time for the latest episode of the number one travel management podcast, Absolute Clarity, featuring ITM! On today’s show, Kyle sits down with the CEO of ITM, Scott Davies, to discuss their recent conference. From inspirational […]

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Above and beyond with Air France - KLM | 304

Are you sitting down? Good. Because it’s time for the latest episode of Absolute Clarity! The number one travel management podcast brought to you by our long-suffering host, Kyle Daniels! On today's show, we welcome Rachel Young and Jamie Herrett into the studio as we get the inside scoop on Air France – KLM. From […]

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The losers club on apprentices | 303

What do you get when you combine two losers with the busiest lady in training? The latest episode of Absolute Clarity! On today's show, we welcome back Neil Wainwright-Farrar alongside Damar Training’s Jeanie Logan, to talk to us about apprenticeships, the soul-crushing feeling of defeat, and just who is Neil's 'work wife'. Following their recent […]

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Traveller wellbeing is a lie!

It's that time of the week again, the release of the latest and greatest from Absolute Clarity, the number one travel management podcast! On today's show, we welcome Alice Linley Munro Travel Manager at Oil Spill Response and Kirk Lee, Business Development Manager at Clarity into the studio to discuss why traveller wellbeing is a […]

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Virgin Atlantic’s hidden disability scheme is making flying accessible for all

Hidden disabilities are just that, hidden and although they cannot be seen, they can significantly impact a person’s life. Virgin Atlantic recently announced their new hidden disabilities scheme, which has been offered to passengers at no extra cost and provides extra assistance to those who may need it without them having to ask.  The airline […]

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Absolute Clarity: Season 2 finale

The season finale of Absolute Clarity season 2 is finally live. Featuring Clarity CEO Pat McDonagh and Director of Sales and Account Management Paul Casement, the series finale is centred around the history of Clarity and why a business would benefit from using a TMC. What happens when you combine two travel management companies who […]

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