10 step guide to restarting your travel programme in the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Whilst in many cases, essential workers have continued to travel over the past few weeks, the amount of business travel taking place has reduced dramatically. Face to face meetings are replaced with virtual meetings and other tasks have been delayed until there is more freedom to travel. It is likely that there will be less travel for business for the foreseeable future, and adapting to that new reality is a challenge that Clarity are planning for, with the changing needs of our customers at heart.

We know that in many cases, business travel policies will be changing. There will often be a need for stronger authorisation policies, the promotion of video conferencing, the wider use of risk assessments and a change in the direction and delivery of meetings and events. Whatever those changes, we are here to help, plus, as you should expect, we have some ‘Bright’ ideas of our own to share with you.

So, let’s start at the beginning. How and where do you start? We’ve produced a simple 10 step guide to re-starting your Travel, Meetings and Events Programme. We’ll go on to explore each area in more detail and your account manager is on hand to help shape your plan. If you’re not yet a client, perhaps we can help.

Download our guide to explore these themes in more depth – and discover how you can develop and implement a winning approach to restarting your business travel programme.

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