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Our Hearts & Minds Manifesto is now available for download. We’re shaking up the business travel industry, challenging the norm and urging you to join us in a new approach to business travel.

At Clarity we do things differently. We’ve always seen ourselves as disruptive and this manifesto is certainly that. With the arrival of NDC, the rise of the on-demand economy, increasing safety concerns and a desire to actually achieve the much talked about work life balance, the industry needs to sit up and listen. Traveller centricity does not mean losing control or additional cost.

In fact, we’re confident of the opposite - happy travellers are more likely to stick to a policy which they feel treats them fairly.
  • Can a travel programme be both traveller centric and cost effective?
  • How can a more flexible approach to travel lead to better policy adoption?
  • What role does MI and data play in keeping your travellers happy?
  • Why is this so important to businesses now?
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