Absolute Clarity is a new podcast bringing you all the business travel news you need to know about.

Hosted by Kyle Daniels, each episode we welcome a guest into the studio to wax lyrical about the latest news before diving into a topic of conversation for your listening pleasure. From SMEs and travel suppliers to experts and road-warriors.

Absolute Clarity is available fortnightly across all major podcast services including iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn radio. If you would like to get involved, tweet us using the hashtag #AbsoluteClarity or email us directly at podcast@claritybt.com

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Kate's story | 310

How would you feel if you were told you had six months to live? Who would be in the room with you? What would you say? Two years ago our Head of Special Projects, Kate Wolstenholme, sat in a consultancy room and was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Luckily for Kate, a Macmillan nurse was […]

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Buzzword Bingo! | 309

Can you hear that? It's the collective sighs of relief as the number one travel management podcast returns for another episode! On this week's episode of Absolute Clarity, Kyle is joined in the studio by Clarity's Head of Marketing, Alexandra Kington, to discuss Clarity's new Change the Game campaign. We're then joined by Creative Bid […]

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Born in the USA (almost) | 308

Pour yourself a drink, get your headphones on, and let yourself relax to the ambient sounds of the number one travel management podcast, Absolute Clarity! On this week's episode, Kyle is joined in the studio by Lynda Wood Shepperd, Vice President of Managed Services at Yoh. Lynda spent the beginning of her career in the […]

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