Giving you the insight you need

Go2Insight gives you access to accurate, consistent and reliable management information which is essential in order for you to have a true understanding of your business travel expenditure.

Go2Insight gives our clients all the MI & data they need.

When are people travelling? How far in advance are they booking? How are they booking and what rates are being achieved? 
Our bespoke management information tool allows you to select key information from a range of reports, quickly and efficiently to gain greater control of your travel spend.

Online management information

24/7 access to near real time travel data with an easy to manage in-depth online management tool

Range of reports

Access to a number of self-service reports, enabling the tracking of travel spend, activity, locations and more.

Manageable data

Export data in HTML, PDF, CSV and XLS formats so you can dissect and present the data outside of Go2Insight.

Data assurance

Data quality and assurance processes manage and audit data, with additional validations at the point of reporting and prior to report distribution ensure data consistency meets even the toughest requirements.

With our Plus and Pro options, interactive dashboards tailor to your individual needs.


Featuring all the benefits of Go2Insight, our Plus model gives you access to bespoke dashboards tailored to your needs and preferences.
  • Interactive dashboards

    Understand the true cost of business travel with an immediate snapshot of activity which can adapt to your queries. As you interact with the dashboard, each visualisation reshapes and alters to focus on your interests.
  • Understand the past, predict the future

    Use your existing data to help predict your future spend. Go2Insight+ gives you crucial insight into traveller trends to help you make marginal gains whilst still maintaining a focus on traveller wellbeing.
  • Go deeper than ever before

    While Go2Insight provides an important snapshot of the data, Go2Insight Plus gives you more. Get under the skin of your company data to truly understand your travel needs.
  • Location analysis

    An interactive map view showing frequent traveller locations, unveiling emerging trends and helping you to plan your future

Did you know?

Clarity were the first TMC to launch our data search platform, powered by ThoughtSpot at the Business Travel Show in February 2018.
Go2Insight has been designed from the ground up with the user experience in mind.

Go2Insight Pro

Designed for large companies who need to get the most out of their data, Go2Insight Pro provides all the benefits of our other tiers, with a greater emphasis on sentiment analysis and machine learning.
  • Live data

    Instead of building a myriad of reports based on complex codes and queries, a simple phrase will give you all the information you need.
  • Traveller safety

    Travelling to a new location? Worried about lone traveller safety? By combining the latest crime data with our supplier locations, we’re able to provide accurate information on the safest destinations in the UK.
  • Designed for you, by you

    Save insights and search results into easily accessible pin boards, that enables you to build your own presentation.
  • Machine learning, on another level

    Go2Insight Pro suggests additional searches and discovers insights based on what you are looking at. The platform learns over time what data and insights interest you and presents meaningful information.
  • Global data consolidation

    Go2Insight Pro will consolidate all your data into one manageable report.
Go2Insight comes in three tiers, Basic, Plus and Pro. The following matrix shows what is available in each:
Air Pack
Hotel Pack
Rail Pack
Financial Summary Pack
Air Data Extract
Rail Data Extract
Hotel Data Extract
Financial Data Extract
Supplier Reporting
Passenger Reporting
Pre-Trip Reporting
Interactive dashboards
Air summary and activity
Interactive dashboards
Rail summary and activity
Interactive dashboards
Hotel summary and activity
Interactive dashboards
Booker behaviour
Interactive dashboards
Traveller behaviour
Interactive dashboards
Location Analysis
Interactive dashboards
Crime and Location
Thoughtspot- Search data with immediate insights.
Sentiment Insight
Global Data Consolidation

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