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With the number of business trips increasing each year, would you be able to quickly locate and communicate with your employees in an emergency? If not, Go2Track can help.
  • Information tailored to your journey
    Automated Trip Briefs containing FCO, Crisis24 and your own corporate content are delivered direct to your travellers. Giving them the best foot forward on their journey.
  • Instant access anywhere in the world
    Our GPS location tracking provides instant access to your employees anywhere in the world, presented on a clear map view with handy report functionality at the touch of a button.
  • Delivering the full story
    In the event of an emergency, our automated travel alerts are sent to affected travellers and travel managers providing full details of any delays or cancellations with suggested alternate routes.
  • Putting you in total control over your travel risk
    Go2Track provides intelligent traveller tracking dashboards, including rail tracking, GPS location and reporting putting you in the driving seat when it comes to your companies risk management. 

Designed for travel managers

Go2Track provides your team with dynamic access to an innovative travel traveller tracking and risk management platform with dashboard and map location view, location reporting, global risk intelligence and traveller communications (via email, SMS and push notification to the Go2Mobile app). 

Whether checking in with employees during their trip or responding quickly to support in a crisis, Go2Track enables travel managers to monitor traveller locations (itinerary and GPS) and travel risks globally, fulfilling duty of care by providing relevant and rapid risk advice.

Go2Track Pro with

Advanced risk management is provided by Crisis24 (formerly WorldAware) within Go2Track Pro and represents the most reliable and rapid intelligence available to commercial travellers worldwide. With Go2Track Pro, travel managers have access to live Crisis24 global risk intelligence, designed with clear risk levels and categories for destinations and alerts. 

Travellers are automatically provided with a Crisis24 trip brief, with professionally sourced risk information about upcoming travel destinations, giving the best insights for their journey.
Rest assured with Go2Track Pro
and Crisis24
Our tracking tool is available in two options, Go2Track and Go2Track Pro, so you can be secure in the knowledge that your employees’ safety and wellbeing is in the best hands.
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Traveller tracking for air, hotel, rail and car
Advanced GPS location tracking anywhere in the world.
Interactive location dashboard and traveller location reports
Travel advisory content within Go2Mobile traveller app
Covid Dashboard
Traveller crisis communication via SMS, email and Go2Mobile notification
Crisis24 trip brief featuring the latest analysis, alerts and advice
Travel alerts featuring exclusive advice and guidance
Crisis24 alert report featuring details of all your travellers in an affected location
Crisis24 exclusive dashboard keeping you informed of global incidents and travel insights

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