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Sustainable Thinking

Promoting a sustainable approach to business travel

Saving the planet one journey at a time

We appreciate that travelling sustainably is likely to be at the top of your agenda.

It’s essential that both Clarity and our clients understand how to make environmentally friendly business decisions and travel options.

It’s all about choice; the ability to present to travellers all the information to allow for an informed sustainable decision.
By 2030 we will be carbon net zero.
This is how we'll get there.
Comprehensive CO2 reporting

Firstly, to reduce any target you need to make a baseline. We provide you with all the information you need via our online reporting tool, Go2Insight. All data is calculated and measured and this gives you an overview that can also be drilled down per traveller, as well as by any other data we capture - department, cost centre, budget code etc.
Be Prompt at Point of Sale

Promote sustainable travel at all stages of the booking process.

• Prompting sustainability through choice
• Providing booking considerations
• Filter by Price / Duration / CO2 emissions
• CO2 and travel durations clearly displayed for both air & rail
• Enable the booker to make an informed decision
Future considerations and strategies driven by your internal data

• Challenge individuals/departments to reduce their footprint?
• Challenge the need for day trips, would video conference have been a better choice?
• Domestic flights? Discuss the CO2 footprint differential to rail to promote better practice
• Challenge why so many people went on the same trip?
• Consider CO2 league tables to promote competition?
• In partnership we can help you to develop a sustainable travel programme
Find out how Clarity can help your business become carbon neutral.
Over the previous years Clarity have been helping to offset clients travel, even offsetting our own. Just take a look at the previous figures from 2019…
87 Tonnes
37 Tonnes
Our offset cost was £7.50* x 124 Tonnes = £930
* Based on 2019 offset costs. The current cost to offset is £12.50 per tonne

Corporate Social Responsibility 

We know just how important economic issues are throughout the country at this moment in time.

As an organisation that operates globally, we are committed to help strengthen and support growth in regional and local areas where our clients are based. In meeting our social, ethical and environmental responsibilities, we listen to our customers and suppliers, adapt our policies and initiatives to meet changing legislation and partner initiatives, and deliver to ensure we maintain our workplace ethos of being ‘Brighter’.
Apprenticeships and Graduate Training
In 2014 Clarity introduced the Brighter Beginnings Apprenticeship Programme. To date, we have helped launch the careers of 40+ young people throughout the UK. In addition, Clarity have endorsed the NCFE Business Travel Level 3 Qualification at a variety of colleges.

We also deliver 50 hours+ (per year) of careers talks at local schools and colleges including: curriculum support, literacy support, safety talks.

We feel by building these strong relationships, Clarity creates partnerships with companies that share our core values. From this, we can generate shared social value to the wider community – a ripple effect if you like.
BTA Cares
We are heavily involved in the BTA Cares programme which is throwing its arms around business travel professionals when they need it the most. BTA Cares is helping to upskill, market and retrain members of the business travel community affected by redundancy, etc. to create employees who are attractive to both the travel industry and wider sectors.
Looking after Employees
At the heart of Clarity are our people and we take our commitments to them very seriously. We want to recruit and retain the best people, continuously improving performance and providing industry leading training and development.

We are an equal opportunities, real living wage employer; have no staff on “zero-hour” contracts; accommodate flexible working, shared parental leave and the government’s Good Work Plan. We undertake pay audits and gender pay exercises to ensure our workforce are paid equally, and we are committed to driving social change throughout the industry. We have implemented ethical recruitment practises, backed by our Diversity and Inclusion Framework, that reduce barriers for minority groups to apply. This, along with using job boards, SME recruitment agencies, Jobcentres, LinkedIn Referrals ensures we attract a diverse candidate pool. We also undertake unconscious bias training to ensure a fair process for all.

Above and beyond this, we take a proactive approach to issues surrounding health and wellbeing. Keeping employees fit, mentally, physically, and financially, is our priority. We have a range of initiatives in place to ensure staff feel supported.

Life Works: We offer a 24/7 confidential employee assistance programme called LifeWorks offering: Online resources and information supporting mental, physical, social and financial well-being; Expert guidance from professional advisors, about any work-related or personal life issues, Counsellors to discuss problems or connect with other specialists such as financial and legal professionals.

Mindful Employer and Health Space Programme: We are a Mindful employer undertaking staff wellbeing checks, operate a healthy spaces programme, and have a team of mental health ambassadors and first aiders (Healthy Space Team). We also have allocated private room in our offices, where staff can go to take time out as when they feel necessary.

Reducing the Disability Gap – As a Mindful Employer and Disability Confident Committed company (working towards level 2), we engage professional bodies and are proactively involved with initiatives/legislation.

Our Mindful newsletter covers a different aspect every month. We also have quarterly webinars delivered by our Healthy Space Team covering topics on happiness and isolation. Our internal Brightside Radio podcast, has regular Q&A phone ins and guest speakers which have featured Dr Lucy Rattrie (travel psychologist). In May 2021, we hosted a Mental Health Awareness week, where every day featured a webinar focused on mental health.

Employee Development - Employee development is a key focus at Clarity. Our internal CIPD certified learning and development team ensure our army of experts are well equipped to meet the evolving needs of all clients and suppliers. This includes vocational learning, travel qualifications and Strengthening Personal Resilience courses.

Fit for the Future - Our company-wide 'Fit for the Future' incentive is designed to help our staff get fit and healthy. We’ve teamed up with a leading fitness company to provide discounted fitness trackers to support the initiative and every step recorded goes towards supporting our Charity partner (Macmillan).

Work/Life Balance – We offer flexi time (consolidated hours / reduced hours) and homeworking. We also supported our staff to enable them to return to work as quickly as possible (following the initial Covid-19 lockdown periods) in addition to embracing the Government's furlough scheme. Whilst some have enjoyed working from home others were eager to get back to the office.

Benefits - Christmas shopping day, pension scheme, eye test vouchers, life cover, competitions, brighter staff awards scheme, cycle to work scheme, educational trips to visit suppliers, sick pay, study loan, season ticket loans, flu jabs.

Working with suppliers – to promote mental health and wellbeing. Throughout lockdown, several suppliers invited our team to join virtual keep fit / yoga classes. We undertake extensive charity work, working with Macmillan Cancer Support to undertake fundraising including the 'Mighty Hike'.

Local Employment and Buying Local
We are committed to being both a best practice employer and an employer of choice for those seeking employment in the travel industry in the local area. 90% of our staff live within a 10-mile commute of their local office, and we use only local recruitment agencies to help us source new staff. We also advertise in local job centres, papers and post job vacancies on local job boards and social media sites. From the stationary providers we use to the milkman that calls every morning (pre lockdown), we try to ensure we purchase as much as we can from local suppliers to help boost our local economy.
Working with SMEs
Our clients have diverse requirements, and through our diversified client base throughout the UK, we are well aware of the challenges to find suitable accommodation in some fairly remote locations. We are often researching, sourcing, and engaging with many unusual, often rural hotels and SMEs and 3rd party suppliers. Our service offering is always about the best outcome for our client, no matter how unusual. The very nature of our approach also ensures a fair, equitable and transparent opportunity to supply is offered to all providers.
Global Suppliers’ Standards
We support the government’s Civil Society Strategy creating a country that works for everyone, promoting diversity, sustainability and responsible procurement. Eliminating corruption and tackling inequalities throughout our supply chain via our Sound Sourcing Code. All suppliers must adhere to this and demonstrate their modern slavery policy, gender pay reporting, and green initiatives. Issues in applying the principles must be flagged and actions documented. Some suppliers will not be found within our content when standards / policies cannot be 100% validated.

We are committed to building fair and sustainable relationships with our suppliers and recognise the essential contribution that our suppliers make in achieving our aims and aspirations for sound sourcing. Our ‘Sound Sourcing Code of Conduct’ outlines the standards that our suppliers must adhere to, including CSR policy, anti-bribery and modern slavery acts. We have a dedicated commercial team to help develop and maintain close relationships and to monitor performance.

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