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At Clarity, we are an old and trusted aide to the Academic, Charity and NGO sectors. With over 30 years of experience, we specialise in academic and charity travel management, having worked with organisations of all sizes with a wide range of needs.

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The University of Southampton

Implementing a TMC

A research-intensive University, and a founding member of the prestigious Russell Group. The University had no mandated travel contract and users booked via a number of TMCs or directly with suppliers/internet providers. So how did we help them…

Our success is customer satisfaction: 

• The University now has a 360-degree view of spend as all spend is now mandated and consolidated through Clarity
• 87% online adoption for Rail
• Bespoke invoicing to capture data fields specific to the University for internal reconciliation
• 92% customer satisfaction score

“Clarity delivered cost saving opportunities with full visibility of all spend, control of policy and greatly improved the duty of care responsibilities through live traveller tracking..”

– Mary Hurst – Head of International Business Team.

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The University of Derby

Cost savings

Prior to our appointment, the University of Derby’s travel management was split between 3 TMCs who competed for each booking request which created a race to the bottom in pricing terms and the prevalence of ‘hidden’ costs that were not apparent to travellers at the time of booking, so how did we help?…

Our success is customer satisfaction: 

• We reduced the average room rates by 15%
• A £326,705 reduction, around 9% of the University’s annual spend
• 95% of all hotels were booked via the hotel program
• We saved £48,272 on flights between 2017 and 2019

“I have nothing but positive things to say about Clarity!”

– Anna Salt, MCIPS (Chartered Status) – Senior Category Manager, Professional Services, Procurement, Finance.

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The University of Glasgow

Implementing a TMC

The University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world and a member of both the Russell Group and Universities 21, a leading global network of research universities, so how did we help them?…

Our success is customer satisfaction: 

• Online adoption increased by 29% for Flights and Rail
• While it increased 17% for Hotels
• 99% of respondents to the implementation feedback surveys reported the user workshops as being “Very useful!”

“Their implementation process is efficient and thorough addressing all areas.”

– Hannah Bond, Category Manager

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The University of Southampton

Travel user groups

From the outset, the University of Southampton, wanted an all-encompassing dialogue around the travel contract, not only with procurement and the department heads but also with the key bookers and travellers. 

To accommodate this, we created Travel User Groups. Initiatives have been introduced thanks to the work of the Travel User Group. So how did we help them…

Our success is customer satisfaction: 

• Monthly top tips guides on buying behaviours, distributed via email and on the University’s intranet.
• Monthly Booker & Traveller presentations at various locations around the Campus.
• A full review of the travel policy from both a finance/procurement viewpoint and also that of those who are travelling.

“It’s been a seamless service despite the disruption caused by COVID which is a credit to you all!”

– Myles Walshe, Senior Sourcing and Supplier Contracts Manager at the University of Southampton

Unmatched experience

Our team of experienced travel agents understand the unique needs of the academic and charity sectors and is dedicated to finding cost-effective, sustainable and safe solutions for your travel needs. We can book flights, hotels, and ground transportation for individuals or groups and assist with meeting and event planning. With academic travel management and charity fares, creative ticketing, and being the number one supplier on the SUPC framework, we are the most trusted TMC in the sector.

Academic travel management

Whether you’re a University undertaking important projects, recruitment outreach or vital research, we are experts in organising and coordinating travel for academic institutions, such as universities, colleges, and research centres. From booking flights and hotels for students and staff to consulting on your risk management or duty of care policy to simply booking a taxi, our effective academic travel management services help academic institutions streamline the travel process and save time and resources, allowing you to focus on your core mission of education and research. 

Clarity BT offer industry leading academic travel management services
Clarity BT offer Charity Travel Management services

Charity travel management

If you’re a charitable organisation on a mission or NGO helping the needy in war-ravaged areas – we’ve got you covered. We have tons of experience organising and coordinating travel for charitable organisations or non-profits. From booking flights, hotels, and ground transportation for volunteers and staff to coordinating a multi-stop journey for fundraising events, our effective charity travel management can help non-profits maximise their resources and minimise costs, allowing them to focus on their mission and make a positive impact in the world. In addition, if your organisation is committed to promoting sustainability and reducing its environmental impact, we also offer eco-friendly and sustainable travel!

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✔ 95% average online adoption rates
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