Business travel in ERM (Energy, Resource and Marine) sectors refers to travel related to industries that deal with energy, natural resources, and marine operations. Oil and gas exploration and production, mining, renewable energy and shipping are a few sectors included in ERM.

Travelling the seven seas

Our clients within the Energy, Resource, and Marine sectors travel far and wide, to all corners of the world and back again! We recognise that business travel within these sectors can be fast-paced and intense, so providing a travel service that is timely and safe is crucial. These sectors often involve travelling to remote locations and offshore platforms that require specialist equipment and safety protocols, something we take into consideration when planning travel for our ERM clients. 

Leading role

Business travel can play a leading role in supporting the energy, resources and marine sectors in several other ways. From building relationships to site visits and business growth, travel is a key factor, and Clarity is well-equipped and experienced to provide this!

When it comes to building relationships, business travel allows professionals within the ERM sectors to connect with their clients, suppliers and partners through face-to-face interactions, which is the leading way to develop and maintain solid relationships! The large-scale projects that are within these sectors usually require close collaboration and coordination, meaning it is essential that strong relationships are formed. 

Business travel allows professionals to visit and assess project sites, exploration areas, and potential investments. This enables those within the Energy, Resources and Marine sectors to gain a first-hand understanding of the conditions and challenges faced in these areas, which is crucial in decision-making and risk assessment. This also aids with business growth by allowing professionals to identify potential clients and partners and establish new business relationships.

Considering the environment

Sustainability in business travel within ERM sectors has become an increasingly important consideration in recent years. These sectors often require extensive travel for the proper management and execution of operations and therefore need to consider steps towards sustainable travel. ERM companies can implement sustainable practices throughout the entire travel process. This includes reducing waste by minimising packaging and avoiding single-use items, as well as prioritising sustainable food options and reducing water usage.

Clarity does consider sustainability as a priority and we work hard to ensure our ERM clients have the option to choose a more eco-friendly travel option and book environmentally friendly accommodation where possible. Read all about sustainable business travel here.

Specialist ERM travel services at Clarity

At Clarity, we offer specialist ERM travel services which enable us to access offshore, marine, and charity fares that guarantee the best booking deals every time. Aside from the common seafarers and offshore workers, there are times that the energy, resources and marine sectors work closer to home, reinstating power to homes and businesses within the UK. Wherever they need to be and whenever they need it, Clarity can provide business travel to suit! 

Marine fares

We have solid partnerships with leading airlines meaning our ERM travel Marine Fares can provide cost savings of up to 40% for our clients. Additionally, our clients have the flexibility to modify their flights multiple times without facing any penalty fees. If a new seat is needed or a flight needs to be rescheduled due to a cancellation delay, our clients can expect to have priority over other travellers and we make sure extra luggage allowance is included to cover any work clothing or equipment.


Energy, Resources and Marine travel clients often require travel to remote locations at a moment’s notice and no matter how seamless the travel plans may be, anything can happen at any time to hinder that plan! Ever-changing schedules, adverse weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances can cause havoc with original plans but don’t worry, our extensive experience and exceptional offline booking solutions can save the day! 

Emergency Mobilisation

We are always ready to handle any problem that may cross our path when it comes to ERM business travel with our specialist emergency mobilisation team on hand to deal with any eventuality. From wheelchair accessible transport to the quick development of a travel plan, we are ready to tackle it! Read one of our success stories here.

If you are in any of the Energy, Resources and Marine sectors and are looking for best-in-class business travel solutions that cater to individual needs, Clarity can provide them! Get in touch with us today.