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Energy, resource and marine travel management.

Our clients in the Energy, Resource and Marine sectors travel the seven seas, quite literally! They head to every far-flung corner of the world, and back again. Sometimes it’s an oil rig in the North Sea, others it’s a ship waiting for a new crew in the canaries. 

Energy, resource and marine: ERM travel management.
ERM Travel - Seafarers & Offshore Workers

Our ERM travel service.

It’s the intense, fast-paced energy that we love about this sector; one where it’s vital to have crews arrive on time and safely. This is where our specialist ERM travel services come in. We have access to offshore, marine and charity fares, which always ensure the best deal is booked every time. 

But it’s not just seafarers and offshore workers; Other times it’s a little closer to home for onshore workers and execs as well. Repairing downed power lines, and reinstating power to homes and businesses throughout the UK. With our ERM travel service, at Clarity, we are well equipped and experienced in getting your people where they need to be. When they need to be there.

Marine fares.

At Clarity, we have agreements in place with major airlines and our ERM travel Marine Fares can provide our clients with savings of up to 30-40%. Our clients can change flights (multiple times if necessary) without a penalty fee.

Our travellers get priority over other travellers for a new seat or rescheduled flight if their flight is cancelled or delayed. There is an extra baggage allowance to account for work boots, clothing and equipment.

ERM travel - Marine Fares
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Many of our Energy, Resource and Marine travel clients have a mobile workforce, which requires them to reach remote locations around the world at a moment’s notice.

However, adverse weather conditions, ever-changing personnel schedules and other unforeseen circumstances can wreak havoc on even the best-laid plans. We have an exceptional offline travel booking solution, over 30 years of experience working with offshore bookings, and access to Marine Fares.

Emergency mobilisation.

Our specialist Emergency Mobilisation Team are always ready to go and prepared for any eventuality. 

Whatever the emergency, whatever the situation, we’ve got you covered.

Whether that requires wheelchair accessible transport, pet-friendly temporary accommodation to be sourced or the development of a comprehensive plan quickly, we’re ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Read our success story below:

Emergency Mobilisation Team - ERM Travel
An illustration of customer success


Cadent Gas

Following a major gas line incident in Central London, our Emergency Mobilisation Team were mobilised in order to source accommodation and transport for over 100 families, 500+ people, including accessibility requirements, and of course, pets.

We facilitated: 

• 400+ bedrooms
• Year One savings = 22%
• Year Two = 19%
• 100% Customer Satisfaction
• Our airline agreements provide savings of up to 30-40%
• Flights can be changed multiple times without a penalty fee
• If a flight is cancelled or delayed, Helix travellers get priority over other travellers for a new seat or rescheduled flight

“Clarity were recognised by Cadent Gas as delivering an exemplary emergency mobilisation”

– Ewan Kassir, Head of Global Sales UK & Ireland Clarity Business Travel

Power failures

Large scale power outages will require temporary accommodation to be found, whether it’s for the families directly affected, or the Emergency Workers who are tasked with restoring power to the affected areas.

Our conferencing and groups team are adept at sourcing accommodation at a moment’s notice.

UK Power Networks

UK Power Networks is a distribution network operator for electricity covering South East England, the East of England and London. We have worked closely with them during the aftermath of several severe UK storms.

Read our success story below:

Best in class corporate travel management technology
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UK storms

January 2018 – Storm David hit the UK and disrupted the UK Power Networks across the South East Coast. September 2020 – Storm Arwen left numerous properties without power in the East of England.  Clarity were there to help…

We facilitated:

• The rehoming of 300+ families
• A fleet of 20 coaches on standby ready to transport these families, including pets
• Over 200 beds per night over a 3 day period for emergency engineers
• The movement of engineers with as little as 30 minutes’ notice

“All credit goes to our exemplary Emergency Mobilisation Team!.”

– – Ewan Kassir, Head of Sales UK & Ireland Clarity TM

An illustration of customer success


Helix Energy Solutions

An international offshore energy services company, Helix services include offshore oil and gas fields, subsea cable burial and seabed clearing services in deep water. So how did we help them…

Our success is customer satisfaction: 

• Year One savings = 22%
• Year Two = 19%
• 100% Customer Satisfaction

“Clarity have been fantastic, the team love them”

– Susan McBain, Group HR Manager for Helix Energy Solutions

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