The sectors we work in

At Clarity BT, we proudly serve a diverse range of sectors, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities. Our deep-rooted understanding and tailored service set us apart, ensuring that businesses within these sectors optimise and get the best from business travel.

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The sectors we work with:

Whatever you need, there’s a business travel solution that can elevate and improve corporate travel for your employees, saving you time, effort and expenses. With the combined effort of our dedicated travel experts and innovative travel tools, you’ll be able to plan, book and manage travel arrangements for your employees while finding the best deals for their flights, hotels, and other finishing touches to their journey, such as VIP concierge services and luxury travel packages.

From booking the best travel arrangements to finding the perfect venues for hosting inspiring corporate experiences and business events, we offer customers the best business travel solutions to ensure you get the most out of your journey.

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Infrastructure Services

The backbone of modern society, infrastructure requires intricate planning and execution. Our solutions cater to those on the move, ensuring that logistics and itineraries align perfectly with project timelines.

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Professional Services

Whether you’re in consulting, law, or part of a well-known rock band, Clarity works to streamline your business travels. As a TMC working in the professional sector, we really have catered to all! Our keen grasp of the fast-paced and demanding nature of this sector guarantees efficient solutions, always putting you one step ahead.

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We are an old and trusted aide to the Academic, Charity and NGO sectors. We champion the cause of educators, researchers, and charity workers by offering them hassle-free travel experiences, allowing them to focus on making the world a better place.

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Energy, Resource and Marine

These types of industries are often centred in remote locations – not a problem for us! Clarity ensures that you reach your destinations with ease, whether it’s an offshore rig, a deep mine, or a mission to the far corners of the world!

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From teams heading to tournaments to fans travelling for matches, the sports sector is always on the move. Destination Sport is a sports travel agency that set the global standard in sports travel with its uniquely holistic approach. Destination Sport is on hand to guarantee that these journeys are as smooth as a perfectly executed play.

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Public Sector

Our travel management solution for the public sector combines user-friendliness with the highest standards of data protection. We know that serving the public comes with its unique set of responsibilities and constraints. We recognise these challenges and deliver solutions tailored to these needs. 

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Our insights and extensive experience in this sector help us to understand the complexities. The ever-evolving world of retail demands agility and adaptability and we ensure your travel aligns with this. We are always on hand to help with both planned and last-minute changes to travel plans. 

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A commitment to excellence

No matter your sector, Clarity’s comprehensive approach and commitment to excellence ensure that your business travel is not just about reaching a destination, but about experiencing a seamless journey of success. Join us, and experience the Clarity difference.

Clarity - It really is an experience.

Business class & corporate flights

Over 60 years of experience providing global business travel solutions

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Industry-leading business travel services from experienced industry professionals

Business travel takes you where you need to be

A global team supporting you with global business travel solutions

Business class & corporate flights

Over 60 years experience in global business travel

Illustration of 2 people looking at data

Industry leading service from experienced business travel professionals

Business travel takes you where you need to be

A global team to support you

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