It’s already been two weeks since we launched the new season of Absolute Clarity and we have a new episode to share. 

Episode two welcomes back Will Murray, Product Manager for Clarity and Ben Cooper from Travel Risk Media to discuss all things traveller risk and safety. 

From the dangers of drug cartels to terrorist attacks, global travel brings with it a number of risks, but how effectively could your company handle things if their employees were located somewhere close to a global incident?

What would happen if members of your team were injured and stranded following a bus crash in remote Spain? We ask just how prepared is your company when it comes to duty of care?

We also find out more about Education Without Borders, an annual conference aimed at reducing travel risk in the academic sector. Now in its fourth year, the conference features some of the biggest names in travel risk and safety. 

Of course the final segment features the first, worst and best travel experiences from each of our guests. 

Absolute Clarity episode two is now LIVE and you can find it here:

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