Business travel company, Clarity, continues the launch of Absolute Clarity season five with an episode discussing the relevance of travel management companies in 2021.

Following the launch of Clarity Studios’ third feature film, The Haircut, Clarity have dedicated the latest episode of their popular podcast series to the film’s theme – namely saving money on your travel.

The Haircut is a feel-good summer hit, not coming to a cinema near you, and focuses on how Clarity can save you money on your business travel, without sacrificing quality.

Premiering on August 4th, the episode features the stars of the Haircut, Clarity’s Head of MI and Data, Darren Williams, Head of Land Product, Suzanne Barnes, and Award Nominated Strategic Account Manager, Trish Williams.

The episode aims to answer the question, ‘do you really need a travel management company?’, with guests each giving their answer to the question and describing the way in which Clarity work to not only improve your booking journey but also spend less while you do.

Speaking about the episode, Trish Williams said:

“It was my first time on the podcast, but I’ve been an avid listener since day one. It was definitely a no holds barred discussion, but I think that works in the show’s favour as we were able to answer the questions that many people will have had about business travel but possibly been too afraid to ask.”

Now in its fifth season, the podcast is hosted by Kyle Daniels and has featured such guests as Virgin Atlantic, Travelodge, Avanti West Coast, Microsoft, The Institute of Customer Services CEO Jo Causon, and best-selling author Professor Damian Hughes.

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