Long gone are the days of visits to high-street travel agents, outdated guidebooks, printed-off itineraries and booking confirmations to travel for business, as business travel technology has rapidly reshaped the global corporate travel market like never before.

Now we live in an age where immediate information and instant communication are available at your fingertips. As a result, corporate travellers have all the power when booking travel for business and accommodation, checking in at the hotel, shopping, and booking transfers. Thus, technology has streamlined the global business travel market, enhancing and personalising our travel experiences like never before.

Are you using the right technology in your travel management program? Discover how Clarity’s seamless, one-stop-shop technology suite can help you book corporate travel easily.

Seamless online booking and reservations systems

Business travel technology has helped to simplify booking your corporate travel through the development of seamless online booking platforms, which can keep all your reservations and itineraries in one place. No more switching between apps or browsers!

At Clarity, we work closely with our travel partners and suppliers to ensure our corporate travel platform features the best and most diverse range of global content available. This allows our agents to check and compare standard fares and get exclusive discounts across multiple airlines, hotels and rental car carriers to get you the best possible price when booking business travel, as well as comply with your company’s travel policy.

Our Go2Book app allows you to manage all your booking requirements in one place. So whether you’re boarding a flight to Paris, catching a train to London, or booking a room or late-night dinner reservation in Amsterdam, our online booking tool conveniently features all your booking requirements in one place.

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Customised data insights to manage your travel expenditure

It was common to submit paper receipts to your employer every time you needed reimbursement for business travel expenses. Today, expense management has become more digitally simplified.

Using our data insights platform, Go2Insight, you can access accurate, consistent and reliable management information, which is essential to help manage, report, track and even save on travel for business expenditures. So whether you’re looking to keep costs down or improve the experience for your business travellers, we can take care of the admin work so your employees can focus on their trip.

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Traveller tracking to keep you safe

Part of your company’s duty of care responsibility involves knowing where your employees are at all times to communicate any dangers or risks they could face while travelling.

Business travel technology has streamlined traveller tracking and allowed companies to keep employees safe while travelling. Our Go2Track provides your team with dynamic access to an innovative traveller tracking and risk management platform with a dashboard and map location view, location reporting, global risk intelligence and traveller communications (via email, SMS, and push notification to the Go2Mobile app).

With Go2Track, travel managers can monitor traveller locations (itineraries and GPS) and travel risks worldwide, fulfilling their duty of care by offering relevant and rapid risk advice to employees during their trips or responding quickly to crises.

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An app that manages all your travel information

Business travel mobile apps and sites have completely transformed the modern traveller’s experience regarding booking or changing reservations. Rather than relying on customer service agents to update their reservations, customers have control over them in their hands.

Go2Mobile manages all the essential aspects of your travel journey, from booking flights to push notifications on flight delays to local weather updates in your chosen destination. Unsurprisingly, business travellers are turning to apps to make life easier. So it’s more imperative than ever that employers offer their business travellers the mobile apps and tools they need to make travel information accessible and convenient.

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