We recently received a notice from CIBT, our visa application service, regarding a change to Chinese visa applications: 

The Chinese Embassy will shortly be introducing fingerprints collection for all visa applicants. The new process will be similar to what is currently in place for Russia, CIBT will still check and prepare the application documents.

Fingerprint Collection

The Chinese Consulate requires all visa applicants in the United Kingdom to submit fingerprints at designated facilities in London, Manchester, and Edinburgh. Your application cannot be considered by the Consulate without fingerprints. CIBTvisas offers dedicated and personalised fingerprint collection appointments and will schedule a convenient time for you after we have received your materials in our office. Our service includes a standard appointment which is available on a first-come, first-service basis. Expedited appointments are also available for those travellers with urgent deadlines.

We recommend that applicants with urgent travel utilise our elective services such as Concierge or Pre-Check to ensure that all materials are correct and that a fingerprint appointment can be scheduled as soon as possible.

Click here to read more about this change.

***Update: Click here to access the latest information on CIBT