Clarity’s latest webinar series, Providing Clarity, is back with its second episode focusing on travel risk and safety in the wake of the easing of travel restrictions. 

Featuring Clarity’s Product Development Manager, Will Murray, and George Shaw, Managing Director of International Location Safety, the episode begins with a timely debate on the use of the term duty of care. 

Murray, a keen advocate of the term duty to care, wants the term to be a catch all to empower organisations to do more, with Shaw agreeing that the term has ‘become a stick’ (to make organisations do things to look after their staff).  

Hosted by Kyle Daniels, host and producer of Clarity’s successful podcast series Absolute Clarity, now in its fifth season, the episode delves into the results of Clarity’s recent social media polls asking the questions: 

  • What’s important to get you to travel with confidence?
  • Do you feel confident enough to travel within the EU for business?
  • How important are risk assessments to you when travelling for business? 

A new standard for risk

Touching on the future of risk management in travel, Shaw discusses the new ISO standard that he has co-written – ISO 31030 due to be released in October 2021. He says the new ISO: 

“…will finally give guidance to organisations regardless of their size, regardless of the work they do……in essence, doing so will enable them to meet their obligations legally and morally”


“I think is going to be a real game changer in terms of how risk is managed within the travel sector worldwide.”

The episode is now live on Clarity’s YouTube channel and featured on their Absolute Clarity podcast feed as an audio recording. 

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