Global business travel organisation, Clarity, continues the launch of the number one travel management podcast, Absolute Clarity season five, with an episode discussing how important sustainability can be for companies in 2021 and beyond. 

Following the launch of Clarity Studio’s fourth feature film, Yellow Planet, Clarity have dedicated the latest episode of their popular podcast series to the film’s theme – sustainability in travel.

Yellow Planet is the latest film from Clarity Studios, not coming to a cinema near you, and looks at the way companies, and travellers, can do their bit to ensure they are travelling sustainably.

The episode, featuring Andrew Perolls, CEO of Greengage Solutions, and Matt Carter, Strategic Account Manager at Clarity, aims to answer the question, ‘Is sustainability a nice to have or a must-have in 2021?

From the steps that your business can take to begin their sustainability journey to the countdown clock that is hanging over us all, is it too late for companies to start making positive changes, or has there never been a better moment to begin? 

Speaking about the episode and sustainability in general, Perolls said:

“At Greengage Solutions, we’ve noticed a definite shift in companies taking the subject of sustainability seriously. You only need to look out of the window to see how climate change has affected our environment. Our ability to simplify the actions that companies can take to start their sustainability journey should help companies feel more confident in starting the process.

It’s also great to see a company like Clarity working so closely with their clients to help make real changes when it comes to protecting our world, instead of simply giving it lip service. Their podcast has become a great mouthpiece of the challenges facing the industry, and the fact they have dedicated two episodes to the subject in a row shows just how seriously they are taking it.”

Pat McDonagh, Clarity’s CEO, also commented:

“Greengage really stood out to us as an organisation who are doing some incredible work when it comes to engaging with companies to become sustainable. When we decided that we were going to be dedicating two shows this season to sustainability, Andrew was at the top of our list of guests. He does not disappoint.”

Now in its fifth season, the podcast is hosted by Kyle Daniels and has featured such guests as Virgin Atlantic, Travelodge, Avanti West Coast, Microsoft, The Institute of Customer Services CEO Jo Causon, and best-selling author Professor Damian Hughes.

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