Pushed up against the person next to you, armpit in your face, someone’s elbow digging into your side – sound familiar? The average business travel commute is, let’s face it, often sweaty and unpleasant. The heating is on full blast in your crowded train carriage and you’re wishing you were anywhere but here. It’s no wonder that traveller wellbeing has become such a big topic in the industry; surely travelling for work needn’t be so uncomfortable?

Our top 5 tips for wellbeing might seem obvious – and that’s because they are! But sometimes we could all use a gentle reminder to take better care of ourselves, especially when we’re on the go.

Minimise travel anxiety

Feeling anxious about your upcoming trip? Help to ease your travel concerns by using the interactive dashboards feature within Go2InsightPro; you can check the crime rates in the area you’re visiting, giving you peace of mind before you travel. What’s more, GPS tracking within the Go2Mobile app enables you to be tracked anywhere in the world, by confirming your location at just the touch of a button. Your travel manager will be notified of your whereabouts and safety advice will be issued to you if required.

Frankie says Relax

It’s been a long day and you’re finally headed back to the hotel for some well-deserved chillout time. But then your phone buzzes and your thoughts quickly return to work. You check a few emails, maybe add a few meetings to your diary for next week and before you know it, your evening has gone. Having technology at our fingertips increases the temptation to be ‘always on’, but it’s important to put aside time to unwind. So, stick on your favourite Netflix series, read your favourite book or crank up a Spotify playlist – and make sure to put your phone on silent!

Failing to plan is planning to fail

There’s a lot to think about when travelling for business; packing the right clothing, ensuring you’re clear about your work itinerary and making sure you have your travel documents to hand. There’s nothing worse than arriving at the airport or train station and realising you’ve forgotten something; it can really throw you off balance and set a negative tone to your day. Making a to-do list and discussing your travel agenda with a colleague before you travel will give you peace of mind that you have everything you need, helping you to feel prepared and ready for your trip ahead. Booking in advance also ensures you’re getting the best value possible, so it really does pay to be organised.

Travel direct

When booking travel, it’s important to consider all the options. It might be cheaper for you to break up your journey with various connecting flights and alternative train routes, but are you taking your wellbeing into account? Consider whether the additional time spent travelling is counterproductive – sometimes it pays to spend a little extra and travel direct.

Up and at ‘em

Even with the added luxury of business class, long-haul flights can be tedious (after all, there’s only so many emails you can answer, or in-flight movies to watch). When it’s safe to do so, a short walk to stretch your legs can make all the difference.

After a long day of travelling, exercise isn’t usually the first thing on our minds. But if you’re able to access your hotel gym, some gentle exercise can help to relieve tension and boost your endorphins. You’re much more likely to wake up feeling fresh and revitalised the following day, particularly if there’s a spa and sauna available too.

It goes without saying that traveller wellbeing is fundamental to an enjoyable business travel experience. That’s why we’ve created our suite of products and services to compliment your journey. Do you have any tips for improving your wellbeing while travelling? Let us know @Clarity_BT