Streamlining business travel in the retail sector with Clarity

Business Travel In The Retail Sector

It has been a challenging few years for both the business travel sector and the retail industry. Although many retailers are finally finding their feet, not everything has returned to what they once were.

With lasting changes and new challenges arising every day, we are constantly adapting and clearing the runway for a more streamlined business travel service. 

Let’s take a look at how Clarity Business Travel adapts to the ever-evolving retail industry and answer key questions surrounding the challenges this sector face. 

Streamlining business travel

How does our experience help streamline business travel for our retail customers?

As a leading travel management company, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for businesses in the retail sector. 

With years of experience and a deep understanding of the challenges the retail industry face, we have revolutionised business travel, resulting in the formation of valuable partnerships. This understanding and experience help us to identify the challenges and face them head-on to streamline our business travel services.

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John Lewis, a leading UK retailer, has 48 shops and a thriving online business. Our face-to-face and webinar training, along with the outstanding Go2Book functionality, contributed to their online adoption success.

“Users commented on how easy it was to make bookings for air, rail and hotel, and even taxis!”

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Bookings we made in a single year

What are the main challenges that the retail industry face?

The retail industry has faced many challenges over recent years. From Brexit to more recently, the cost of living crisis, there is no denying that this particular industry has its fair share of trials and tribulations. Some of the most prominent challenges include: 

  • The ever-evolving cost of living crisis
  • The uphill battle of labour shortages
  • The import/export market complexities
  • The intricate issues associated with Brexit
  • The lasting effects of the global pandemic
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What are the challenges that the retail industry faces today?

The retail industry is facing quite the storm as labour shortages and the cost of living crisis come to the fore, leaving businesses facing unprecedented challenges. 

As the job market tightens, attracting and retaining skilled retail workers has become an uphill battle. According to The International Retail Academy, the UK’s retail sector experiences an average turnover rate of 57.3%. This implies that more than half of the employees will leave their positions within a year. When contrasted with the average turnover rate of 15%, the retail rate is significantly high. 

Unfortunately, labour and job shortages are not the only problems the retail industry faces. The soaring cost of living and price inflation has hit both businesses and consumers hard, forcing many to cut back on spending.

Hotels for business travel all over the world
Cost of living crisis

Data taken from The Office of National Statistics shows that the Consumer Prices Index rose by 8.7% in the 12 months to May 2023. One of the main drivers of the increase in the CPI was the surging prices of air travel. This rise can be an issue for businesses that see travel as an essential part of their operations and, without a travel management company to help, they may end up over budget and heading for even bigger problems.

Retailers really are finding themselves caught in a delicate balancing act, trying to stay afloat while adjusting to higher wages and increased operational costs. The consequences are smaller profit margins, reduced expansion plans and possible closure of some outlets. 

But the fight is far from over. In response to the challenges within the retail industry, businesses are putting in extra effort to find solutions and enhance their budget management. 

Many retailers are seeking new suppliers, far and wide, which requires regular travel. As a result, many retailers are actively looking for ways to optimise their business travel operations. By doing so, it helps to streamline business trips and enables them to effectively manage their travel budgets.

Does Brexit still affect the retail industry?

Brexit has a major ongoing impact on retail. The complexities of customs regulations, tariffs, and supply chain disruptions have created a maze that requires careful navigation.

Brexit’s repercussions have prompted retailers to contemplate relocating their operations from the UK to EU countries in order to evade new taxes and tariffs. 

We continue to work closely with our retail clients to develop tailored travel solutions. We take into account the unique requirements and challenges brought about by Brexit so they can continue to thrive in this new era of trade.

Clarity BT offer Charity Travel Management services

How does the import/export market bring challenges to the retail industry?

The import/export market can bring both opportunities and challenges to the retail industry.

From supply chain complexities to cultural barriers, the import/export market can be a tough gig, requiring international business travel frequently.  

At Clarity, our partnerships with retailers have provided us with invaluable insights into the industry’s dynamics, allowing us to anticipate and address the specific challenges faced by businesses involved in import/export activities.

How did the pandemic affect the retail industry?

The retail industry and business travel were two of the most impacted sectors during the Covid-19 pandemic, facing unprecedented challenges and changes in familiar operations. 

From lockdowns and social distancing to financial strain, the pandemic has had a lasting impact on how we do business travel. 

No matter the lasting effects of the pandemic, we now have brighter days on the horizon. Our travel management services are now fully operational and enhanced to deliver an even better experience than before.

How can Clarity help?

At Clarity, we boast a wealth of experience in the retail sector, enabling us to understand the unique demands of all of our clients. 

Our travel management services are a game-changing solution for businesses in the ever-evolving retail world.

We can provide efficient and reliable travel management, enabling businesses to stay connected, source products and seize opportunities. 

Leveraging our network of partners and suppliers, we offer real-time updates on travel restrictions, health and safety protocols and alternative low-budget options, enabling retail businesses to continue their operations effectively.

Tailored solutions for last-minute travel

While some retail travel events can be planned well in advance, others come around unexpectedly and require immediate attention. As an industry-leading travel management company, it’s not our first rodeo when it comes to last-minute travel.

We recognise the importance of agility and have developed our travel management services to deal with last-minute travel needs. 

Whether it’s a sudden supplier visit, an urgent product launch, or a time-sensitive opportunity that cannot be missed, Clarity’s travel management team is equipped to handle these situations efficiently and effectively.

Unparalleled support

We understand that travel management is not just about booking flights and hotels. It’s about providing end-to-end support to ensure a seamless travel experience. 

Our dedicated team is available around the clock to handle any issues that may arise, from flight delays and cancellations to changes in itineraries. 

With our continuous support, retail businesses can focus on their core objectives, confident that their travel arrangements are in capable hands.

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