Top 8 reasons you need a travel management company

In today’s travel environment, choosing the right travel management company is the key to corporate travel success. Whether building professional relationships abroad, closing last-minute deals, or attending important annual events, we look after business travellers worldwide so that you do the business, and we provide everything you need to ensure the trip goes off without a hitch. 

Particularly in light of recent times, when the global pandemic caused business travel to come to a standstill, the travel environment is rapidly changing, and travel management companies are continually adapting their services to meet the demand for support for their clients. That’s why you must find the right business travel partner that can provide financial flexibility, access to a wide range of services, expert knowledge, and other benefits to help manage your corporate travel.

With Clarity by your side at every step of the journey, you can enjoy various travel services with exclusive rates and benefits. To get a better idea of just how useful we are, here are a few of the main advantages of using Clarity Business Travel to manage your corporate travel. 

 Comprehensive service to save you time

The administrative burden of booking travel can be costly to your budget and time. Amending or cancelling bookings, and keeping track of everything is a huge hassle which can strain your time and resources. Leaving it to us will eliminate the stress, so your staff can focus on other tasks relating to your business. 

As experts in the business travel industry, we know how to take care of our travellers and have access to a great range of resources, ensuring every aspect of your trip is managed. Besides booking car rentals, flights, hotels, and airport transfers, our corporate travel agents can also assist you with visa arrangements. We can arrange travel insurance, exchange rates, parking, business venues, meetings, and events. With Clarity, you won’t have to worry about anything while on business. You will receive a comprehensive service from start to finish.

We can provide a safety net

With business travel, there’s always a high risk of things not always going to plan. If you are stranded or delayed, we can step in, fix things, and manage any last-minute changes, including alternate travel arrangements. 

With Clarity’s business travel risk management, we understand the risks and challenges associated with travel and offer our assistance whenever and wherever. For example, if your flight has been delayed or cancelled due to extreme weather. Clarity offers a wholly-owned, in-house 24-hour assistance service operated by teams of experienced agents to provide round-the-clock service to all our travellers. 

Duty of Care

Our primary concern is the safety and security of our clients. We inform our travellers about industry issues, global health risks, and potentially undesirable travel conditions. Working with Clarity gives you complete peace of mind regarding your duty of care. Our travel alerts team gives you a heads-up on any incidents that may affect your plans, and our traveller tracking tool ensures we can locate travellers 24/7 in the event of an incident. 

Furthermore, our Go2Track provides your team with dynamic access to an innovative traveller tracking and risk management platform with a dashboard and map location view, location reporting, global risk intelligence and traveller communications (via email, SMS, and push notification to the Go2Mobile app). Go2Track allows travel managers to monitor traveller locations (itinerary and GPS) and travel risks globally, fulfilling their duty of care by providing relevant and rapid risk advice to employees during their trip or when faced with a crisis.

Cost savings and exclusive rates

Regardless of who you use to book your trip, you will have to pay a booking fee, transaction fee, management fee, credit card fee, or handling fee. At Clarity, we keep our prices as low as possible through our high level of automation and market-leading technology. With our end-to-end booking technology saves you money within days by finding you the lowest fees. You don’t even pay for account management. The experts who are your partners ensure you balance cost savings with traveller well-being and policy compliance.

We analyse travel spending for the best rates 

The beauty of booking everything through Clarity’s solution, be it online or offline, is the responsibility to ‘sort’ the data, consolidate it and report on it. Collating MI or big data from multiple sources requires big servers and ingenious processes to bind it into something meaningful. Something that we are experts at. But what’s more, the powerful functionality of our reporting centre, Go2Insight, allows us to conduct meaningful and productive reviews with all our customers. Using the latest data, we guide you towards modifications to travel policies aimed at changing behaviours and buying habits, identifying missed savings and negotiating better supplier deals such as hotel programmes.

Expert inside knowledge 

With the help of our Business Travel Consultants, we provide the right advice and documentation to help your travellers. They are the travel industry’s eyes, ears, and commercial conscience. One of their key contributions is the continued focus on value for money with implementation, training, policy review, advice, and continuing support throughout our relationship. In addition, their knowledge and inside information can keep them on top of things like flight price updates, itinerary changes, and hotel price comparisons, ensuring you can get the best deal for your business. 

No charges for billing or bill back, and flexible credit facilities 

We know some companies only allow you to pay by debit or credit card, and in most cases, this will incur an additional fee. So we pay for all travel up front and consolidate all those charges to you monthly in one neat file, ready to upload. We also automatically calculate the amount of VAT you can claim back on your UK hotel stay, saving you the arduous task of traipsing through VAT receipts for each hotel. 

Access to our all-in-one platform for managing your travels

Our corporate travel platform has been designed from the ground up with the traveller in mind. Our simple and intuitive ‘one-stop shop’ features all your booking requirements in one place. Clarity’s Go2Book platform is like a shopping centre that offers consumer rail, flight and accommodation websites in one place, as well as live fares, rates and exclusive discounts.

Get the best available price rate when booking corporate travel without messing around with screenshots, comparing prices or misleading fares. Our users still achieve that all-critical browsing and shopping experience and can undertake complete price checking of all services before anything is booked, ensuring no policy breaches or mistaken bookings. With Go2Book, breaches of travel policy have become a thing of the past.

If you have a question regarding our services, the business travel experts are here to help. Book your online consultation now.