What do you need to know as a global business traveller?

Top Tips from Clarity.

The global travel landscape has seen a dramatic change in recent years and few industries or sectors have felt this more than those for whom business travel is an essential part of their working lives. 

Getting from A to B, and back again, in a timely manner can literally be the difference between closing a deal, or not.

At Clarity, we make your business, our business. Obviously, we let you do all the actual business, but we take care of the rest…

You do the business. We do the rest.

We’re here to get you, the global business traveller, and your business moving.

With Clarity providing fully managed solutions for our global business travellers, we ensure each and every business travel need will be conveniently located in one place… Delivered through the use of our industry leading and seamless technology, while being supported by the best and brightest business travel professionals. 

We understand that when it comes to business travel, the devil really is in the detail. So, what should you consider before planning your next business trip?

Choose a sector specific partner.

While most business travel management companies are generalists, at Clarity, we’re sector specific specialists. We tailor our services to each type of global business traveller. 

We understand that certain professionals have slightly different requirements. Whether you’re in the energy, resource and marine sector, or head off to the far corners of the globe at a moment’s notice, or are in the construction, manufacturing and infrastructure sector at home, we’ve got the travel solutions for you.

In the ERM (energy, resource and marine) sector, we know that it’s absolutely essential to get your crews to where they need to be, whatever the circumstances. That’s why we’ve got access to exclusive offshore and marine fares, which always ensure you get the best deal booked in time.

Or perhaps you’re in the manufacturing, construction and infrastructure industry at home. If so, you’ve been driving the recovery of our economy after several years of unprecedented challenges. That’s why we’re here to be the trusty right-hand person to lean on, ensuring that you and your teams get what they need when they need it.

Whether that be rooms on short notice for shift workers, car parks with no height restrictions or even something as seemingly simple as ensuring all your workers have a belly full of warm food before their gruelling day on site. 

In short, we’re always here for you. 

Choose a single provider.

As a global business traveller, the last thing you want to do is be reactive and if you’re operating across the world then the chances are that each location will have its own little nuances that can easily get in the way.

Clarity are part of the One Global Travel community, a truly global community of partnerships, benefiting customers and service providers in a truly sustainable environment sharing the benefits worldwide in each local market. 

This community ensures that wherever you are, you always have what you need!

The best bit? We ensure that (wherever possible) everything is pre-booked. This not only guarantees a smooth smooth journey but also consistency in each and every aspect of your trip. 

As your travel management company, we provide you with:

  • Plane tickets – At Clarity, we book thousands of flights each month, from straightforward domestic bookings that can be self-booked using Go2Book, to more complex itineraries where we recommend speaking to our travel experts to determine the most cost-effective route and ticket type for your corporate flights.
  • Train tickets – We provide you with business rail travel management and direct booking access to the entire UK rail network, London Underground, Eurostar travel and International rail.
  • Hotels – Our comprehensive portfolio of business travel hotels is continually expanding; due to two main advantages; content management and a diverse customer portfolio.

Coordinating travel – be it from a booking, policy or consolidation perspective – can be timely and expensive if you’re using multiple providers.

That’s why at Clarity, we’ve brought everything you need together, in one convenient and simple travel solution. 

Make use of technology to ensure a smooth journey. 

Finally, we cannot stress enough the importance of technology. This may seem like a given in an increasingly digital world, but it is how the technology is used that defines its usefulness. 

That’s why our bespoke management information tool allows you to select key information from a range of reports, quickly and efficiently to gain greater control of your travel spending.

When are people travelling? How far in advance are they booking? How are they booking and what rates are being achieved? These are all questions that the Go2Insight app has the answers to!

Our suite of technology also includes: 

  • Go2Book – The online business travel booking system.
  • Go2Track – The tracking tool that improves the duty of care for travellers. 
  • Go2Mobile – The app that gives you everything you need, wherever you are.

If you have a question regarding our services or how our services can be of benefit to the global business traveller, our travel experts are here to help. To get in contact, call us on 0800 731 1627.

Or book an online consultation: Contact – Clarity Business Travel.