Can forward planning make your business more profitable?

How can small changes add value to a  business trip?

Can you boost your bottom line with marginal gains?

Like many people, we initially came across the concept of marginal gains through the British cycling team. The premise of making small, considered changes to help improve performance works not just in sports.

Here at Clarity, we’ve been researching how we can use the principle of marginal gains to help our clients increase savings and improve traveller experience in their travel policies and programmes. We already do this in many aspects of our business, as we manage travel spend, set up preferred hotel programmes, educate travellers on advance fares and much more. However, we now want to take this one step further and share our insight with you.

With the right application, these small changes have helped our clients save hundreds and thousands of pounds. At the Business Travel Show last week, we launched our new look report alongside our highlights video:

The questions we ask and the points we raise are explored through surveys and discussions with business travellers. Some of the results confirm what we already suspected, but all of the results show that well managed travel is key.

At Clarity, we pride ourselves on doing things differently, bringing our clients a brighter approach to business travel and we hope this report will be able to provoke debate and conversations between business travellers, travel buyers, Travel Management Companies and suppliers.

We’d love to hear what you think too. Feel free to join the conversation using the hashtag #MarginalGains