What makes a specialist in marine travel management?

Not every TMC has the right combination of expertise, technology, and agility to transport teams to remote locations safely, and on-time.

But we do. And what sets us apart is an in-depth understanding of the challenges of marine travel management, from crew logistics, rotation and welfare to environmental sustainability and a laser focus on risk mitigation.

Our specialist Marine Travel team (each with an average of over 37 years’ experience in Marine travel) is based in Aberdeen, right at the heart of things. From there, we provide a round-the-clock travel service to companies operating in the marine sector.

Bad weather, ever-changing personnel schedules and other unforeseen circumstances can wreak havoc with the best-laid plans. Our dedicated team and technology enables us to expect the unexpected, and deal with it. No fuss. No dramas.

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Cost management

Managing operational costs, fuel expenses and overall travel costs to protect the bottom line is a regular challenge. One we tackle head on.

Marine, offshore or seaman fares, are only available through an elite group of specialist agents. We’re one of the few that do. Our agreements with major airlines enable us to save our Marine customers up to 40% on travel. We can arrange charter flights and integrate specialist NDC content into our technology platform too.

But, it’s not just our agreements and technology that help control costs and generate savings. It’s the careful fusion of that with the extensive and expert knowledge of our team who really know this sector, from how to ticket, time scales involved and overcoming common challenges that truly sets us apart.


Travellers can change flights as often as they need without a penalty fee; receive  priority access to a new seat or rescheduled flight, and extra baggage allowance for the all-important work equipment.

In addition to our dedicated Marine Team, we created a specialist Emergency Mobilisation Team well-versed and prepared for any eventuality. From emergency temporary accommodation, medical assistance, repatriation services to welfare support programmes for crew members, we’re knowledgeable and experienced to support.

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Business travel is mission-critical in the Marine sector, so shipping operators are under pressure from all sides to mitigate and even remove carbon from travel-related activity.

To complement sustainable practices like waste reduction or avoiding single-use items, sustainable travel is up there with safety and duty of care when it comes to travel. Our expertise, technology and data-driven insight enables our customers to make informed decisions and where available, promoting sustainable travel and accommodation options.

Risk management

We understand maritime voyage planning systems, crew management software, and maritime communication platforms. We also understand the importance of crew members’ welfare, mental and physical health.

That’s why we continue to invest in our people and technology to involve careful risk assessment, analysis, and mitigation at every turn.

An illustration of the different travel risks

So, what makes us a specialist in marine and maritime travel?

At the heart, it’s a fusion of our people and technology backed by powerful industry insight that enables us to move single or multiple crew teams, anywhere in the world safely, on-time, with the right equipment to do their job.

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