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The Return of Group Business Travel

After a few years seeing a decline, 2023 has witnessed a remarkable resurgence of group business travel. There was a time when many speculated that the golden era of group business jaunts was over thanks to the pandemic, the rise of online meets and the apprehension brought by global events.

But, despite the challenges and the increased usage of online tools such as Zoom, group business travel is back with a bang and has emerged stronger, more focused, and more significant than ever.

Why has group business travel made a comeback for 2023?

Here are a few key points that we figured would be contributing factors to the resurgence of group business travel this year: 

  • Virtual meetings have limitations
  • Onsite inspections & training are a must
  • Team building in person is essential
  • The reopening of global economies
  • The rising ‘bleisure’ trend
  • Shows and conventions return 

Let’s delve a little deeper into the reasons behind group business travel taking centre stage in 2023…

The Limitations of Virtual Meetings

While video conferencing tools like Zoom and Teams helped businesses survive during the toughest of times, it didn’t take long for many companies to realise that there’s no replacement for in-person communication. 

While we have a lot to thank those virtual meetings for, there really is no denying that they lack the subtle cues, energy, and understanding that face-to-face meetings bring, not to mention the technical issues we inevitably come across with using online meetings.

The Need for On-site Training

Tying in nicely with what we said above, sometimes, virtual meetings just don’t cut it. Certain industries require physical site inspections, hands-on training, or tangible product experiences.

These cannot be fully captured virtually, making group business trips essential for many. 

Now travel has returned to normal, businesses are resuming normality and grabbing travel opportunities with both hands, making up for the lost time.

The Necessity of Team Building

Remote working is undeniably great for providing flexibility. However, there is nothing like group get-togethers to really encourage team bonding! 

The increase in remote working has helped businesses realise the importance of team cohesion and after a few years off from travelling together, many are ready to get back into the swing of it. Group business travel allows employees to bond outside of the formal office environment, strengthening teamwork and boosting morale.

Global Economies Reopening

With several countries stabilising and lifting travel restrictions, businesses are eager to reconnect with their international partners. These trips are not just about one-off meetings but extensive, multi-day conferences where groups from various departments participate and come together to align business projects. 2023 has definitely seen the return of this, with companies finally getting back to their usual global networking activities.

New Trend for 2023

The Combined Experience

‘Bleisure’ is a thing! As experts in our field, we are always keeping up to date with the latest travel trends. Because of this, we know that the modern business traveller in 2023 is looking for leisure travel experiences that tie in with necessary business travel. Many are cutting excess spending due to the current cost of living crisis and are finding the only way to catch a little break is during their spare time on business trips.

In response to this, many hotels and destinations are curating packages that blend work with local experiences, making business trips more enjoyable and memorable while enabling employees to kill two birds with one stone when it comes to business and leisure.

The Return of Trade Shows and Conventions

2023 has seen the comeback of large-scale trade shows, exhibitions, and conventions. These events, which drive significant group business travel, offer networking opportunities that virtual events simply cannot match. These types of events are held all over the world, requiring group business travel often.

Looking to the future

As a Business Travel Management Agency, you will probably have guessed how relieved we are that group business travel has flown back into full swing this year! 

We know that technology has its merits and has indeed transformed the way we communicate, but we also believe it has highlighted the irreplaceable value of in-person interactions in business. 

Group business travel, once considered at risk of becoming a thing of the past, has reaffirmed its relevance, demonstrating that no matter how advanced we become, human connection remains at the core of business success. Here’s to the future of group business travel! 

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