Trends and Opportunities for better Global Business Travel

Have you ever questioned why managing a multi-national business travel programme is so complex? Or why does the approach travel management companies (TMCs) take seem so simple to start with, and quickly starts to feel complicated?

This paper brings together common questions, market insights on the underlying issues, and offers suggestions on how companies can improve their business travel programme. There is a focus on TMCs because this is the most common foundation stone, and getting that right is often the key to significant improvement in a company’s business travel programme.

“We spent years trying to solve some of the issues that multinational
clients have. With the One Global community we have solved
some of the biggest challenges: our likeminded and joined up
approach has finally brought what customers need: best in region
TMCs who work together, share knowledge, and have everything
in one place for our clients who remain at the core of our focus.”

– Pat McDonagh, CEO of Clarity Business Travel, and Michael Farrell, EVP, Business Development and Owner of World Travel Inc