Everybody likes something for free, right?

That’s why we’re offering a FREE Green Health Check to all new clients!

Working with leading travel sustainability consultancy, Greengage, we have produced a client-facing questionnaire which focuses on the sustainability of a client’s travel programme and policy.

Ewan Kassir, Clarity’s Head of Global Sales, said: “The Green Health check is a really exciting collaboration with our sustainability partners Greengage.”

Ewan added: “As a business, our goal is to be net zero by 2030. However, we wanted to do more. We want to include, as part of their sustainability strategy, the ability to help our clients travel better and, critically, have greater information to make better decisions. That starts with the travel programme and travel policy.”

The questionnaire answers feed into a report which Clarity shares with you, providing you with recommendations for the future and what to change immediately.

Put simply, it checks a client’s focus on sustainability within their travel strategy.

Ewan added: “The Green Health check is a simple and effective way of seeing where a client’s travel programme is and what could be done, if anything, to improve it.”

A report is generated and then, in conjunction with a Clarity account manager, the recommendations implemented. The smart part is, if the client wants to look at their own net zero strategy, Greengage can support on a beyond travel strategy, as they have done with us. We are really excited about this and the additional value it is going to add to our clients’ travel and sustainability strategy.”

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