Amey is an infrastructure company working with over 15 local authorities including  Birmingham, Sheffield and Staffordshire. They also partner with clients including Highways  England, BAA, United Utilities, Network Rail, and MOD. Overseas Amey works with the  Metropolitan Transport Authority in New York as well as Australia’s Roads and Maritime Services

Amey elected to implement this self-service model whereby all bookings require approval. In addition, all Air bookings required authorisation from an Executive Director so different levels of authorisation were built into the system. We needed to cover a  system that included multiple approvers so that the absences of the approver could be covered. Certain projects gave travel administrators the authority to book without authorisation as long as they were making bookings for others.

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Our success:

Reduction of overall travel spend by £290K Half Year 2017 v Half Year 2016

Hotel spend down by 9% Year on Year

220 Hotels appointed as preferred hotels

92% of all hotel bookings were made online

Online booking fee saving of £18,304


Bespoke Authorisation Programme and Cost Savings.

At Clarity, our Go2Book is without a doubt our most important tool. Designed from the ground up with the traveller in mind, our simple and intuitive ‘one stop shop’ features all your booking requirements in one place.

The Go2Book interface provided additional functionalities, including a stored list of authorities, the ability to choose the authoriser from a drop-down menu, an automated authorisation request handoff, as well as the reasons for booking travel.

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“Clarity are a progressive organisation who have accommodated and adapted to the majority of our business needs.”

– Robert Curley, Principal Business Improvement Manager Amey