Booking your rail tickets has never been easier with our online booking platform Go2Book. Just as we do with flights and hotels, you can incorporate your travel policy and all tickets can be centrally billed.

Information about rail services we provide

Booking rail through the online system

From selecting your class of travel to reserving your seat for the journey ahead, Go2Book gives you’re the flexibility you need to guarantee the perfect travel experience. With split ticketing, Go2Book gives you every option to plan your travel the way you want, while also taking advantage of generous cost savings. We’ll make sure all bookings comply with your travel policy and by processing them through a single system, you’ll have greater visibility on your total travel spend.

Round the clock support

Clarity business travel consultants are available round the clock to provide advice, while also helping to complete any complex rail itineraries. Although most business trips are known well in advance, travel bookings can often be left to the last minute. Using our latest MI and reporting technology platform, Go2Insight, we can advise the optimum times to book, which could result in greater savings.

Print and send tickets

Depending on the travellers preference our clients can either choose to print tickets and arrange for them to be posted or issue a ticket on departure (TOD) to fast track the process and allow travellers to print them from a self-service machine at the station.

Clarity Rail Partners

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Rail delay, repay, reclaim

With over 1.7 billion rail journeys being taken domestically each year, in the current climate the chances of a delay or cancellation can be quite high. We’ve partnered with Tracsis Travel Compensation Services (TCS) to provide you with a complete rail compensation service for all of your affected travellers.
Automated daily updates
100% of compensation claim
Claim status shared
Uploads/Emails of ticket numbers

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