Everything you need to know about corporate travel

Corporate travel is an important aspect of running a successful, thriving business. It allows employees to attend conferences, meet and build important client relationships, and visit corporate branches worldwide. However, managing corporate travel can also be a complex and time-consuming task and a significant financial expense to your company.

As a corporate travel manager, it’s your job to handle all aspects of your company’s business travel. From designing your company’s travel policy to managing travel arrangements, monitoring travel expenses and budget to looking out for the well-being of business travellers, it’s a lot of responsibility. However, choosing the right business travel agent ensures that every aspect of your travel journey is fully managed/

Choosing the right travel management company

As a leading Business Travel Agency, Clarity knows everything there is to know about corporate travel. With our advanced corporate travel management technology and dedicated agents working tirelessly 24/7, we can help you create a managed travel programme to ensure your company’s corporate travel is seamless.

In today’s rapidly changing business climate, travellers demand an easier self-booking process with a wider range of travel options. Meanwhile, companies also strive to reduce costs and improve their return on investment in corporate travel.

Our leading technology solutions will help you plan, manage and save on travel. Whether it’s booking flights and hotels or managing your travel expenditures and finding the best rates for your travellers, or providing support in case of any issues that may arise during travel, we provide all your business travel needs in one place.

Creating a corporate travel policy

The first step toward managing corporate travel involves creating a clear policy. It is essential to develop a detailed corporate travel policy to ensure all business trips run smoothly, are secured ahead of time, and comply with all company policies. An effective travel policy should include a purpose statement, scope, authorisation and reimbursement section, and travel arrangement processes.

Once your company’s travel policy is in place, employees must know how to book and plan their trips. An online travel booking system such as the Go2Book platform helps simplify this process for your business. It features the best and most diverse range of global content available while offering standard fares and exclusive discounts across multiple airlines, hotels and rental car carriers to get you the best possible price when booking business travel, as well as comply with your company’s travel policy.

Managing expenses and the travel budget

Another important aspect of corporate travel is managing your employees’ business travel expenditures and budgets whilst on their trip. To simplify finance tracking, corporate travel managers set acceptable spending limits for trips, often requiring collating data from all trips to make informed decisions about a company’s travel policy and budget.

To facilitate this process, we’ve created a bespoke tool that does that all for you, ensuring you can select key information from a range of reports quickly and efficiently, which cuts down on the need for streams of emails and receipts when organising trips.

Whether you’re looking to save costs or improve the experience for your business travellers, Go2Insight can help you see the bigger picture. Our online corporate travel management tool stores all your data in one place, making it easy to analyse. As a result, Go2Insight gives you access to accurate, consistent, and reliable management information, which is essential to understand your business travel expenditure.

Organising duty of care for employees

As well as booking and planning, you should consider your employees’ safety and security while on company business as part of your duty of care. In addition to providing information about the destination, such as local laws and customs, ensuring that employees have access to crisis assistance if needed, and establishing policies and procedures for handling emergencies, providers can assist employees.

With corporate trips increasing yearly, could you locate and communicate with your employees quickly in an emergency? If not, Go2Track can help. Designed with corporate travel managers in mind, Go2Track makes provides your team with dynamic access to an innovative traveller tracking and risk management platform with a dashboard and map location view, location reporting, global risk intelligence and traveller communications (via email, SMS, and push notification to the Go2Mobile app). In an emergency, our automated travel alerts are sent to affected travellers and travel managers, providing full details of any delays or cancellations with suggested alternate routes.

With Go2Track, travel managers can check in with employees during their trip or provide quick assistance in a crisis by monitoring traveller locations and travel risks globally, fulfilling their duty of care by providing relevant and rapid risk advice.

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