Helix Energy Solutions.

An international offshore energy services company, Helix services include offshore oil and gas fields, subsea cable burial and seabed clearing services in deep water.

We have agreements in place with major airlines, which provide the Helix Energy workforce with flexible flight solutions to take them to, and bring them back from, remote locations around the world. We’ve been managing the travel of their extensive mobile workforce, sending them to remote locations all around the world since 2019. 

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Our success:

Year One savings = 22%

Year Two = 19%

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our airline agreements provide savings of up to 30-40%

Flights can be changed multiple times without a penalty fee

If a flight is cancelled or delayed, Helix travellers get priority over other travellers for a new seat or rescheduled flight


Marine Fares & Repatriation.

Many of our Energy, Resource and Marine travel clients have a mobile workforce, which requires them to reach remote locations around the world at a moment’s notice. 

However, adverse weather conditions, ever-changing personnel schedules and other unforeseen circumstances can wreak havoc on even the best-laid plans. We have an exceptional offline travel booking solution, over 30 years of experience working with offshore bookings, and access to Marine Fares. At Clarity, we have agreements in place with major airlines and our ERM travel Marine Fares can provide our clients with savings of up to 30-40%.

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“All credit goes to our exemplary Emergency Mobilisation Team!”

– Ewan Kassir, Head of Sales UK & Ireland Clarity TM