Fortunately, we’re just referring to our final Clarity Studios feature #NotComingToACinemaNearYou!  

All month we’ve been talking all things travel tech. We’ve asked questions around which tech advancements we may see in the future within the travel industry. 

Essentially, we’ve learned that it’s not just about AI and (not) being replaced by bots, but the continuation of being backed by the brightest people in business travel, with the ability to combine state-of-the-art automation with exceptional customer service, attention to detail etc. 

It’s about making improvements where we can, but to ensure it has a positive impact on the end user; to continually strive for efficiencies and promoting ease of use, because, after all, it’s about the journey – not the destination

Technology is here to stay, that’s for sure. It aids & enhances our everyday lives. I mean, where would we be without our messaging services, video call functionality, Bluetooth to help wirelessly connect to our devices, instant access to our bank accounts, maps, music, weather checker, travel booking applications et al – all easily accessible via one smart phone? 

But is it for everyone…?  

In a society where we’re now being encouraged to take time AWAY from screens (to benefit our eyesight & mental health to name just two reasons), isn’t having the choice the most important factor today?   

Ok, so it may take less time jumping into your phone to book a quick rail ticket than loading up your laptop, but is that really the most economical ticket combination for your journey? 

Sure, it’s often cheaper to book via an online booking tool yourself rather than compiling an email or picking up a phone, but for more complex journeys, shouldn’t an experienced, trained specialist help you out? 

The results are in!

We cover the results of our poll responses to some burning questions around these very subjects, which could very well help to reshape our future…

???? We polled our audience to find out “Which travel tech features you are most looking forward to in 2022?” 
  • Enhanced mobile features scored the highest with 39% of the vote.  
  • Almost a quarter (23%) said Biometric authentication is most important 
  • 19% voted for Voice search & the same for Smartwatch integration  
???? Upon asking our audience if privacy concerns will prevent tech advancements, we found that: 
  • 27% said ‘Yes’, they will  
  • 73% disagreed, saying ‘No’ 
???? When asked which method our audience preferred when booking travel, the results, which may surprise some, are as follows. 
  • 38% said they use a mobile device 
  • Over half (56%) prefer a desktop / laptop   
  • Only 6% used a telephone  

The most relevant, short-term responses from a TMC perspective are the insights into how mobile-responsive our audience are currently and would like to be next year. 

In terms of booking a business travel trip, almost 2 in 5 respondents said they use a mobile device currently AND are looking forward to enhanced mobile features in the future. 

According to a recent study (October 2021 via a few interesting facts around smartphone usage include: 

  • 87% of adults in the UK owned smartphones in 2020 
  • Smartphones make up 40% of online traffic in the UK 
  • In 2025, it is expected that the number of active mobile internet users will reach c64.8 million 

Almost ¾ of our respondents think that advancements in technology will continue to progress, despite any privacy concerns. As we make daily decisions whether we choose to share our data at all and if so, how regularly and with whom, these results show that there could be an apparent general acceptance that this is now the way forwards.  

How and how often we use our mobile devices is advancing and increasing. We may not yet collectively be ready to book our flight across the pond + international hotel by simply using our voice or watch just yet, but you can bet your bottom dollar that when we ask a similar question in couple of decades’ time, the responses we receive may also surprise you! 

If you or your company are returning to business travel, check out our short video and guide here