Can you hear that? It’s the collective sighs of relief as the number one travel management podcast returns for another episode!

On this week’s episode of Absolute Clarity, Kyle is joined in the studio by Clarity’s Head of Marketing, Alexandra Kington, to discuss Clarity’s new Change the Game campaign.

We’re then joined by Creative Bid Writer, Gareth McCann, to talk to us about the bid writing process. From humble dreams of acting to a love for the written word, Gareth describes the role of a bid writer and why he’s never satisfied with the end result.

We then discuss Gareth’s recent crusade against buzzwords in Bullsh*t bingo!

Can we get a high-level overview of this? Maybe we can take this offline? Do you hate buzzwords? I guarantee you won’t hate them as much as Gareth. We share the buzzwords we love to hate and break them down to their simplest form to sift through the bullsh*t and give it to you in plain English!

We then discover Gareth’s first, best and worst travel scenarios in our popular final segment on the number one travel management podcast. Does he really name his honeymoon as his worst? You’ll have to listen to get the full story!

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