Business travel company, Clarity, are celebrating the return of the number one Travel Management podcast, Absolute Clarity, as they continue the launch of their new campaign.

Following the successful launch of Clarity Studios, which will see the company celebrate the faux launch of six monthly travel-related feature films aimed at driving discussion within the travel industry, Clarity has brought back their fan favourite podcast, Absolute Clarity.

Premiering on June 9th, the season opener stars Jo Causon, CEO of the Institute of Customer Service, alongside Clarity CEO, Pat McDonagh, and Operations Director, Steve Riley. The podcast once again sees the return of host and producer, Kyle Daniels.

The episode centres on customer service and how it has been impacted by the recent global pandemic. Speaking during the podcast, Jo Causon said:

“I think the future is very bright for customer experience and smart companies will understand & realise the differentiating factors that good customer service will bring.”

Now in its fifth season, the podcast has featured such guests as Virgin Atlantic, Travelodge, Avanti West Coast, Microsoft, Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs, and best selling author Damian Hughes.

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