Following the success of their travel management podcast, Absolute Clarity, the business travel experts have launched Providing Clarity. 

The webinar series will act as a companion to their new campaign, Clarity Studios, with each episode providing behind the scenes insight and interviews with the stars of the films not coming to a cinema near you.  

The series premiere, which launched this week, focuses on customer service and the return to offices, as host, Kyle Daniels interviews the stars of Clarity Studios first feature, The end of travel as we know it, Steve Riley and Jane Harrington. 

The video is a YouTube exclusive, while the audio is also being released to their Absolute Clarity subscribers, on their podcast platform of choice. 

Speaking about the series, Pat McDonagh, Clarity’s CEO, said: 

“For a number of years now, we’ve been at the forefront of entertainment and media product within the business travel industry and we’re proud to continue that tradition with Providing Clarity. 

Business Travel has historically been seen as a fairly dry and professional topic, but the audience is more diverse than many realise. They consume information differently, and our aim is to provide exciting and engaging content in new and innovative ways.”

Providing Clarity is a limited series run. 

YouTube Exclusive:

It’s also available as a podcast via SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.