The Business Travel Awards completed their first round of judging and last week the much anticipated list of finalists was finally released. We are pleased to announce that Clarity has been shortlisted for four awards: 

Best new travel technology product – Go2Insight

Go2Insight+ is not just another MI dashboard. It is a revolutionary way of aggregating and mining data, the likes of which have not been seen within the travel industry. Next month we’ll be sharing some exciting updates on this innovative technology, so keep an eye on our social channels for the latest updates. 

Best Sales and Account Management team

Earlier in the year, we scooped the Best Account Management Team award at the Business Travel People Awards and now our team is back with Sales as joint finalists for the 2019 Business Travel Awards. Event though both teams form two distinct departments, they are closely aligned and live and breathe our values. 

Creativity and innovation is a key value at Clarity, one which is embodied fully by the Sales and Account Management teams; they seek to tackle wider business issues in a unique and thoughtful way. As individuals they make continual developments and improvements, which benefit the whole team and our clients.

Rising Star of the Year – Senior Events Consultant, Joanna Lake

Not just a rising star within Clarity,  Joanna shines within the wider conference and events industry as a whole. Despite her relatively short career, Jo continually demonstrates her potential as a future leader, made all the more remarkable by her relatively short tenure as an events consultant. 

And finally…

Best TMC (More than £200 million UK annual sales)

Over the last year we’ve been making waves in the business travel industry, not only through our product offering and customer service but in the way that we do things. At Clarity we see things differently, we’re not set in our ways and we’re constantly evolving. We recently launched our manifesto, Hearts & Minds, where we are shaking things up and encouraging everyone to change the way they think about business travel. Our passion runs through all we do, from our Business Travel Consultants on the front line to our groundbreaking MI. As we look forward to 2019,we have plenty of exciting events up ahead to make business travel better and brighter.

Click here to view the 2019 Business Travel Awards full shortlist