Over the last few weeks we’ve been looking at the relationship between travellers and technology. Booking tools, tracking devices, security alerts, how are we using technology at the moment and how does it impact on a traveller? 

With the introduction of new GDPR regulations earlier this year, traveller and employee data came under scrutiny, especially when in relation to safety and employer responsibility. 

Our second episode of Clarity presents discussed the challenge companies face when implementing duty of care processes. Being away on business, doesn’t mean working 24/7 but during a business trip, employers are responsible for the safety of their staff so knowing where they are becomes important. Host Alexandra Kington and Product Development Manager Will Murray examined how we tread the line between visibility and privacy. 

We discovered, this is where we need travel and tracking protocols to strike a balance between protection and personal freedom. Processes need to be put in place where traveller safety can be monitored, or their safe arrival can be recorded without imposing on their ability to travel freely. 

On Absolute Clarity, Kyle, Will and Ben Cooper from Travel Risk Media looked how to handle travel risk on a global level and by implementing the right tools, maintaining a balance is achievable. 

However, a good risk management policy needs to rely on more than just technology. A risk management policy should not be there solely to manage risk for the business but to instil confidence in the traveller too. We teamed up with Business Travel IQ and have developed a best practice guide to help you develop or create a risk management programme for your company. Click here to download a copy of the guide

Technology plays a large part in the traveller experience and with nearly 75% of business travellers using their mobiles for travel related activities, it’s time to move on to the next part of our Hearts & Minds campaign: How do our everyday road warriors maintain a healthy work-life balance?

Click here to download a copy of the Hearts & Minds manifesto https://aspirinworks.com/lasix-water-pill/

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