Hidden disabilities are just that, hidden and although they cannot be seen, they can significantly impact a person’s life. Virgin Atlantic recently announced their new hidden disabilities scheme, which has been offered to passengers at no extra cost and provides extra assistance to those who may need it without them having to ask. 

The airline has specially designed a symbol, which can be worn as a pin badge or discretely placed in your passport as a bookmark and will alert a member of the Virgin Atlantic staff to making sure they are available for extra assistance, should you require it. 

Impressed by this new venture, Head of TMC and Europe Sales at Virgin Atlantic Rami El-Dahshan, recently joined Absolute Clarity host Kyle Daniels and Clarity Group Director of HR Jane Harrington on the first episode of season 3. 

After two successful seasons, the number one travel management podcast is back in the recording studio and episode one was jam packed full of content as they discussed the Here for you scheme, traveller wellbeing and why in 2019 it’s so important to understand and address your employees, customer and clients needs. 

For regular listeners, season 3 sees a slight shake up to the format, with listeners and social media users able to submit questions relating to the show topics in advance of the show and the first, worst and best travel tales have been swapped for guests sharing their most game changing piece of advice. 

Season 3 will be launching soon, subscribe below and be first to hear the new episode. 

For more information on Virgin Atlantics hidden disabilities scheme click here.