Restrictions have taken their toll on our beloved industry in recent times, but as travel opens back up to the masses, we’ve compiled our Top Tips for a safe and stress-free business trip.

As we know, “’s about the journey, not the destination..” so take a look at our handy video guide we’ve compiled and grab a coffee to digest the detail in our latest blog “Brighter Tips for a return to Business Travel” below.

Restrictions are there for a reason:

Travelling and the restrictions around it have changed. While many of us haven’t travelled in almost two years, it’ll come as no surprise to most that there are now stricter rules and regulations when it comes to travel. Our advice? Check, check, and check again!

Each country will have its own restrictions in place, and whether it’s pandemic-related or Brexit, the destination you have in mind will feature a unique set of rules before entry.

Sites like offer great insight into individual rules and restrictions, so remember to do your research before booking.

Take the test:

Let’s be honest, the rules around testing when travelling have been complicated and cost prohibitive, so the announcement that they would be scrapped in favour of a simpler way was certainly welcomed

Restrictions have been reduced for the vaccinated, with many mandatory quarantine stays dropped in place of a day two test upon return.

We find that lateral flow tests work best but refer to our Covid Resource Page for the latest information.

All this can be found on your airline’s website or via your business travel booking tool.

Covid Abroad:

What would you do if you caught Covid while in another country?

It’s important to think about this before travelling, and to mitigate any potential expenses, we recommend the use of covid-specific business travel insurance.

Many insurers offer policies that provide such cover but check your corporate cover to ensure that you are protected both personally and financially, should the worst happen.

Be prepared:

Do yourself a favour and prepare a checklist prior to travelling. Face mask? Check. Toothbrush? Check. Passport? In the bag.

Also, think about your travel times, remember to check in early and plan even further ahead for busy periods like school holidays.

Are you aware of what documentation will be required at the airport? Either print it off or be sustainable by downloading it to your device.

Don’t rely on the airport WIFI and always make sure your device is fully charged. You don’t want to be the person holding up the queue as you battle to pull up your docs.

Speed it up:

Have you heard the horror stories from passengers being stuck in never ending queues for hours at a time?

The good news is that there are fast track services available to help you fly through the queues to ensure a speedy process!

These services are available at an additional cost which your TMC can arrange for you.  If it’s a choice between a few hours in a queue or a small cost to skip past, it’s a no-brainer.

A room with a view:

Memories of overnight stays will be distant for many business travellers, so it’s important for you to be aware of some changes that may be experienced. Here is some guidance for when you start checking in again…

If you want breakfast with your stay, remember to book a bed and breakfast rate, likewise, if you want an evening meal on site, book a table in advance with the restaurant at the hotel

Try and book as far in advance as possible to lock in the best rate and ensure availability. Download the Go2Mobile and Conferma Pay apps in advance to avoid delays when checking in.

MOST IMPORTANT – book a flexible rate where possible in case you need to cancel for any reason

Getting from A TO B:

Between increased traffic levels, fuel shortages, and fighting for parking spaces, the thought of driving to your destination can be the cause of a major headache. Instead, book a taxi and get some work done on the journey.

Our online booking tool, Go2Book, has a section dedicated to booking your taxi, with the ability to save your favourite locations, being picked up from home or the office has never been easier.

Don’t forget to add your mobile number to receive an SMS link to easily track your taxi. No more waiting by the window!

Think Ahead:

Car hire is another great option in getting from A to B but with the return to business travel and increased demand for car hire requests, our suppliers have been reporting availability issues. We advise booking as far in advance as you can to avoid disappointment.

All Aboard:

It’s great news that rail service has resumed, opening up the UK to business travel once again.

The key benefit of rail is the ability to catch up on work, finish that presentation, or fire off a few emails, all before you’ve arrived at your next meeting.

Maybe even treat yourself to an upgrade (travel policy permitting!) from standard to first class, so what are you waiting for?

Book now!

There’s a resource for that:

While many of the initial barriers to travel are slowly being lifted, there are still restrictions in place for many locations. We have a Covid-19 Resource section on our website, providing the latest advice and guidance on global travel.

From testing requirements, to visa restrictions, the resource centre is updated daily with the information you need to make the best travel decisions.

For more information and guidance, please visit our business travel resource centre.