Has the world of events changed forever?

This was one of the questions we put to our audience this past month to celebrate the launch of the latest Clarity Studio release, ‘The Brightest Showman’, not coming to a cinema near you.

The Brightest Showman details the fall and rise of events coming out of a pandemic, leading to the launch of Brighter Events. A new event management company from Clarity, dedicated to removing the dull from meetings, conferences and events.

Like with all releases from Clarity Studios, we have utilised polls to generate feedback from our audience to help drive more insightful discussions.

We asked, you answered, so here are the results of the polls:

Will large scale events happen this year?

Yes 63%

No 37%

Are you fatigued by virtual events?

Yes 79%

No 21%

Has the world of events changed forever?

Yes 80%

No 20%

These results are interesting for several reasons…

Firstly, most respondents are optimistic that this year, large-scale events WILL happen. This may be due to having more confidence with people travelling again and a gradual return to the office.

This swing in confidence certainly reflects in the uplift of bookings we have seen as we approach the festive season.

Almost 4 out of 5 people are now feeling the effects of sitting in front of a screen, whilst attending an “event” but not really feeling the benefit.

There may have been an initial novelty factor, being able to not be seen whilst wearing ones’ pyjamas, however, no matter how well organised a virtual event may be, nothing can replace the feeling of ‘being there’.

Hybrid events certainly have their place. Some meetings & conferences work well within a virtual format, but to ensure the participant gets the most out of whatever is being offered, a beneficial & positive experience must be the end outcome.

Whichever your choice, whatever your proposed solution, wherever you would like to host it, Brighter Events is on hand to help create and inspire the ultimate experience for your business. Anywhere*. Everywhere*. 

So contact them today!

* We’re sure there are some locations that won’t like you trampling over their ground, but they’ll let you know if this is the case!