The University of Southampton - Implementing a TMC

A research-intensive University, and a founding member of the prestigious Russell Group. The University had no mandated travel contract and users booked via a number of TMCs or directly with suppliers/internet providers. 

The University had no mandated travel contract and users booked via a number of TMCs or direct with suppliers/internet providers. This obviously made it very difficult for the University to control spend or policy. Likewise, it impacted their duty of care and traveller tracking. It did, however, present a huge opportunity to make travel booking more efficient, achieve better value for money, deliver cost savings through full visibility of spend and conform to H&S legislation with a travel risk management process and live traveller tracking.

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Our success:

The University now has a 360-degree view of spend as all spend is now mandated and consolidated through Clarity

87% online adoption for Rail

Bespoke invoicing to capture data fields specific to the University for internal reconciliation

92% customer satisfaction score


Implementing a TMC.

As a TMC with a track record of implementing travel services and a robust online and offline offering within the HEI sector, Clarity are able to control spend and booking policy, which makes travel booking more efficient and cost effective.

We meet with individual bookers/travellers prior to ‘go-live’ on a one-to-one basis and via group workshops to outline the changes in TMC, overall University strategy/processes and demonstrate our Go2Book platform.

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“Clarity delivered cost saving opportunities with full visibility of all spend, control of policy and greatly improved the duty of care responsibilities through live traveller tracking..”

– Mary Hurst – Head of International Business Team.